понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

alessar: Leaves on the Wind

I'm almost back up and running at work. My frequently-ill co-worker was out again today so I just used her computer to bang out some work while this, my main computer, was getting the old "format from scratch and reinstall windows" treatment. I'm restoring all my work files from a backup from the day before I got ad-ware so I should be 98% functional. Of course, I lost lots of personal touches because I exclude anything not-work from the backup. Some of my bookmarked links and such may be within the system files but anything else, gone. It's nothing Earth-shaking, for instance, a lot of the base files in Photoshop for icons would have been not backed up. But you know, I don't care. I had a lot of stuff downloaded I never used anyway, if I did, I already sent it home. (In fact, this may be a good time to start using that Firefox tool that syncs your bookmarks between two computers...) The day's been just strange. It's October, the leaves are brown and falling, drifting on the wind... and it's 90. Yeah, NINETY. And seriously, as nice as the weather is, you'd think eating lunch outside would be great. Well, not so much when the tree above you is dumping leaf after leaf directly into your Over the weekend I gritted my teeth and replaced the heatsink in my computer. You may remember, a few months ago I bought a dual-core CPU and had trouble mounting the heat sink I got with it. I used a temporary heatsink but after a while I decided I needed to go through with the real deal. It was kind of a hassle (I ended up removing the power supply so I could reach in better) but I got it done. The new heatsink runs really quietly and it cools a lot better than the stock sink. With the old one the CPU ranged from 42C just websurfing up to 60C while playing a demanding video game, and 65C is as hot as that chip should get (5C is not enough margin for sensor error in my book). With the new one it ranges from 38C to 44C. Oh, I also got in some City of Villains this weekend. Quite a lot actually, though nobody noticed me skulking in the background until I said something on global Sunday night. (I got 2 levels on my Mastermind while reacclimating.) Hee. I definitely had some 'motion sickness' problems at first but I got over them by playing in short sessions. I really ripped up the apartment over the weekend though, as I pulled things out of my closet to sort and/or throw away. I totally want a T-Shirt that says "WWNND?" and "FOOLISHNESS! Mayhem!!" on the back. I'm not done with that. But, I'm tossing the futon mattress out of the closet when I get a chance and buying some stackable storage tubs as soon as I figure out what the right size is going to be. Completely unrelated to anything, I feel terribly vindicated that the mangled adaptation of the Dark is Rising was critically panned (18% at Rotten Tomatoes; a D- at E! Online) and at the box office took in only about 3.8 million. Well, the studios must have known they had a major turkey (and not a Potter successor) on their hands for them to dump it in the 'dead grounds' of early October. It's a pity though, because Susan Cooper's book is terrific, and it deserved an adaptation in the style of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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