вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

wei_wolf: Several New Things...

One, I learned a lot more about my dad. This makes me feel even more inferior compared to him, but I'm okay with it... I'm used to being overshadowed. Plus, it's pretty cool if you think about it.

So apparently my dad set off to college when he was 15 years-old. 15 YEARS-OLD! That's the same age Peter O is right now. And when Dad (born and raised in the countryside/mountainy place of Hunan) beat everybody in his region, he moved on to a small city. He beat everybody there too (for a test), and moved to Beijing, capital of China. Though he didn't quite beat everyone there, he maintained an A+ average for one year. However, he soon got bored of China, and decided to move to America for a more studious enviroment... plus he needed competition.

He was already a student for Ph.D by the time he left. So when he moved to the University of Kansas, he got his Ph.D after four years of studying.

And did I mention that he published three books (I tried reading it, but it was so boring... one of those college books students read, mostly about computer science and engineering). He also published a detective fiction article in a magazine. I had no idea how popular my dad was!

He also published many Chinese articles, but he has no idea where these are right now... oh well.

So... yeah. I'm impressed already.

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