понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.


1. things are good. social life is busy. school is overwhelming, but still good. I have so much shit going on this week (3 tests with one of them being 2 days long, one paper due. ick ick.) and this morning i wrote the majority of my paper and then my computer deleted it. woo! I'm thinking about going up to my lakehouse this weekend, for a day or a day and a night. just to be there near the water, sit outside near the cliff. sit at a big table, have a beer, spread my readings out. nap in a king sized bed. i need a bf so i can make him go with me. oh man all that sounds so good right now. cannnnooottt wait. 2. i'm thinking about my living situation for next year and it is so exciting to me. courtney and i have discussed it a bit and i poked around on craig's list. i'm hoping it is as good as i'm envisioning it. 3. i went home this past weekend. went friday, came back saturday. home was so good. I got to see everyone. my aunts, uncles. jack and i talked u.t. football. me and matthew discussed consol and its slutty hoes, pep rallies and various teachers whom i miss (oh mr max!). I freaking love that kid. He's such a nice guy and its almost like he's a brother. I am terribly protective and we can just talk about nearly anything. I dont think I will ever think any girl is good enough for him. I also got to talk to Dr. Owens who freaking rules and his wife too. saturday i sat around, watched football, went to heb with the sibling and walmart. ate a pizza. then my mom and i cried hahahah. we are nuts. i made a phone call, went to liz's and then here i am once again. 4. My dad went to a Halloween party one year when he was dating my mom and he was a flasher. with a sock on his nether regions. wtf. why. ahhahahhahahhahahahhaha. i bought bloomers for my costume. wooo. and a red headband. so excited. 5. college station had an eventful weekend and u.t. has had an eventful morning. a dead body of a missing woman (not affiliated with the university) was found near the san jacinto garage. then, there was a bomb threat and they evacuated the UTC. dun dun dun! 6. travesty is good. way good. except that sometimes I feel particularly useless. oh wellz. megan suggested we have the travesty trip at my lake. i dont know how i feel about a bunch of drunk, stoned hoes at that house though. a house with a cliff. we will seeeee. 7. my sister is the cutest. and jungle book rules. and i don't know how i feel about my septum. i think i may hide him for now. also, if you say you will do things, do them. yehhh!

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