понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

rockin_raina: wedding stuff

Mike and I went home to Utica this weekend to accomplish some wedding stuff, and to see my parents, because my dad's birthday was the 2nd and my mom's was the 5th. Russ also came home from school, it was really nice, but the weekend FLEW BY.
I got in to Utica late friday night after sitting on the train for 5 hours next to a CRAZY PERSON. I had my laptop and headphones ( I was watching Upright Citizens Brigade, season 2) and she kept TALKING TO ME! More like, mumbling in my general direction, questions about the train, and my computer, etc etc. I would slowly pause my DVD, take off my headphones, and stare at her, uttering no more than an "oh" or "mmmmhmmm" but she didn't get the picture. It was actually pretty funny! Saturday I got my dress fitted (it was just a little large- in the CHEST, sigh), mike and I got our wedding bands (he's actually wearing his grandpa Mike's, but needed it resized), and we checked out two places to have our party/reception/whatever we're going to call it next summer. Originally we thought it would be cheaper just to rent a big tent and put it in his aunt's yard, but with renting the tent, chairs, tables, dance floor, porta potties, generators, and not to mention the cost of food and alcohol, it turns out to be pretty expensive. That's thrown together wtih the concern about mud, bugs, rain, and then the cleanup of everything. So we thought, hey, let's at least SEE some places that we could have the reception at, couldn't hurt! The place we found is GREAT. The cost is going to be about the same as if we had done it the tent/yard way. This place is on a golf course (but does NOT look like it). It's very Adirondack-y, with a huge wraparound porch and the inside has dark exposed beams and really cute lanterns everywhere. It's very us- infact I would love to have a house someday that had the same vibe. So it's got a huge field behind it, and the guy said that if the weather is nice, we can just basically hang out outside and have drinks and even when we do our vows, we can do them out there. And if it rains, then WHO CARES- we have shelter! Just not having to worry about rain and bugs is worth it for me. Now we just have to decide on a final budget and figure out what we want for food, but that won't be a big deal. Plus we still are planning on having the campout at his aunt's house, complete with bonfire! THAT is going to be awesome. This way we can weed out the crazy drunk relatives- they can go home from the reception and all the cool youngin's can go up to his aunt's for the bonfire/campout! wee! Anyway. We left utica early sunday morning and I'm just exhausted. I love when my brother is home from school - Mike comes over, Russ's girlfriend comes over (Carrie) and the 6 of us hang out and listen to music and have fun. It's really nice, we all get along so well. I love my family. So in short, we only have to get our marriage license and finalize our vows/ ceremony stuff with the officiant, and in 19 days we shall be MARRIED! I can't wait! asdjaskjdljdf

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