понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

vampiresarai: Smile! It's Monday

Well, I got a 91 on my physics exam. Not bad. Especially because he counts an 88 as an A. Then I have an algebra test this Wednesday and a chemistry test next Monday. Our new schedules came out at work. I haven’t seen mine yet. I know that Brook is pissed because she looked at her schedule and apparently it’s all blue, which is always the first section to get cut. Meaning she won’t be making much money unless she switches into yellow or green. It’s starting to get cold out, so patio won’t be around much longer. And while it still is around, not many people want to sit there anymore, so you still don’t make any money off of it. I want to see my schedule. I hope Lauren gave me some good closing shifts.


I find myself actually looking forward to winter this year, which is highly unusual. I usually prefer warmer climates and therefore hate the cold. But I think it will be refreshing. I love the smell of snow. How clean the air feels in my lungs. Thinner. Colder. More noticeable. I ordered a black lambskin trench coat online. It’s supposed to be here on the 17th, nine days away. That’ll be nice when it snows. Just in time too. It’s getting chilly. I like October in Colorado . The leaves are changing color and the wind is blowing them all around. I can blow smoke with my breath in the mornings! When I went out to my car this morning, there was frost all over it. I had to scrape it. Lol.


There is one positive thing I can say about myself. (Yay!) I’m starting to notice the beauty in small things more. Like frosty mornings. And the other day I was sitting in my Jeep waiting for Keegan to come down to the car, and the scene in front me was beautiful. The grass and the sunlight filtering through the tree and light pole. I took a picture of it on my cell phone and it turned out so well that it I made it my background. Pretty. I like pretty.


I got my paperwork completed on my student loans, so now I’m just waiting for the financial aid office to tell me what I qualify for. I WANT A COMPUTER!!!! Yep. And that’s what my leftover money is going towards. I haven’t decided yet if I want a PC or a laptop. I think PCs are nicer, but a laptop might be more convenient….



Oh yeah! And one more thing. 

Jake broke up with Taylor.

(Will it last?)


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