вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.


 Today was insane. I had a lame day of work then I was on my way home. I was at the stop signs for Minerva and Grove when this car went when I started to go. The stupid Jeep got in front of me and I beeped. Then they decided to be dicks and started spinning the tires and making all this smoke then started going in reverse trying to hit me and moving forward really quick and stopping. I just dealt with it figuring they are just idiots with too much time on their hands, until they did that all the way down Minerva, Main St, and my street. It literally took me ten minutes to get to my house when from that point it would take me 20 seconds. I got annoyed and pulled in my driveway and they drove a little down the street turned around and started racing back. I got scared so I pulled back out and drove away. Yet they caught up with me down Fletcher and started racing forward towards straight ahead missing my car by a foot barely... I started getting nervous they were chasing me and swerving and trying to hit me while opening their car doors and shouting things I couldn't hear and being complete assholes. So I got so scared I raced home and ran in my house. I was the only one home, and then they kept driving by making rounds of my block every minute. I got so scared I tried to call the police but the regluar number was so confusing. Then I called TK trying to find Craig and since TK lives right by me I figured maybe he could help. He was just like HANG UP and call 911. I was so nervous because they kept stopping in front of my house and getting out and getting in a driving away and since I was the only one home, I did. I was like hysterical for some reason, because I'm just a nervous wreck like that. The police came and sent out search cars and I haven't seen that Jeep since. But it just made me so nervous since I had NO clue who they were and they knew where I lived. I just feel so paranoid being home now and worrying they are going to get into my house or just completely ruin my car. It makes me angry that there was no motive behind this, and this all had to happen just because some idiots got a rise out of my frustration. If I ever see that car again, I will be tempted to do something to it, I'm not even joking. I hope someone slashes their tires. TK and his Mom are so awesome though they came over and helped and then my Mom came home. I am very grateful, because I don't know what would have happened if those people in the Jeep would have broken into my house. Oh and my computer has a disgusting virus so I am getting it completely wiped out tomorrow night.... yay... ... .

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