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Ok......so the past two days I've wanted to go to sleep at school like no other. Wow, holy random. Yeah. I'm really bored right now, so I feel like writing. And, I think I may FINALLY have figured out the av library thing. XD Yeah........UM...where to start. Um, well, a while back I found out that Brice has a Myspace, and so I sent him a friend request. Well, yesterday he FINALLY got on, but he didn't accept it. But it's ok, b/c my pic wasn't even me, neither was my name. But now his tagline is, "stuck in the middle with you". Talk about confusing. That song is...definitely about a girl, relationship, blah blah blah. So it's very weird. And now, apparently he has a new one. So he has two now, and he just made that one today. It's extremely........weird. >_<

Anyways, off of Brice, onto others. The puta (whore, and do we even need to say WHO this is?) broke up with Steve today after my constant (and others) nagging to her about ditching him. Basicly, I just told her this: He's NOT good for you. She already has enough problems as it is, and she doesn't need to go hanging around a fucking sex offender. That's just going to make everything in her life even more worse, if that's even possible. I realize she's not on a good path, but she doesn't need to go and make it any worse. She needs a lot of help.

I'm sorry that there are STILL people who actually wish to talk to this kid. Personally, if he would leave now, I would be so much better. I can't believe that even after being convicted of something like that, people are still willing to be nicey and shit and talk to him. That slays me. I can never do that. I have VERY harsh feelings towards people like that, and frankly, I do NOT need to explain this. I can't tolerate it; I cannot accept it. Period. Sorry for those who hate me or are mad at be because of my feelings, but that's just how I am.

Now onto other things. The scrapbook (sorry, random!) is turning out really well in yearbook. Today I had to change the colors once more on our cover items because once again they were not the same as the rest of it. So Ms. Ashton let me borrow her computer so I could use her PS. We got to talking and stuff (yay =D) and I told her, I said, "We should have PS on all the computers." She says that we can't because people would just abuse the program, and would alter people's photos. Which I get and all, but, I'd still love to have PS on my computer. And she also said something about, "it'd be ok for YOU to have it.." or something like that. She even admitted that I probably (PROBABLY!? lol) know more about PS than she does. Of course, I do, but I didn't say that. XD I've been working with these programs and such for a good 4-5 years now, so I think I know a little something. =D

My dad just measured me and I'm still 5 foot, so I really don't know why everyone keeps coming up to me and saying, "I think you're getting taller!" More randomness.

Well, time for av library....yupp, I definitely have made more av's, and I need to post them. And let's hope I can get this fing library up! XD


2 of InuYasha, and one of the cat, Kirara, from who's also from the show. =D

Stuck in the middle with you...

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