понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.


I'm trying to check my 'tude but it's really hard to focus on school. When I wake up I just think that it's okay because in six hours I can come take a nap. During school today all I could think was the the Bachelor is on tonight and that isn't it funny that the President of STAND works at Starbucks and that Mr. Farris is one of the most interesting people I've ever met in a totally not creepy way and that college is maybe not for me and that all I want to do at home is wear my red striped beanie and how I used to date this kid that wore a hat whenever he was at home and I always thought it was a really weird thing to do but now I'm totes understanding the comfort that can be found in head apparel but then our neighbor came over and asked to see Goldie and I told him she had been dead for just about a year and he didn't believe me so he asked my mom and my mom said yes she is a pretty dead dog and my brother cried and I tried to study physics and then my brother played the saxophone and it totally reminded me of the Simpsons so I went to turn on the TV but someone broke the TV a few days ago so instead I came back to my room and turned on the computer and watched rock of love reunion episode on the internet and lived happily ever after.

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