среда, 10 октября 2007 г.

chocfreak: pssh.

 fuck, i'm so sleepy. i don't know how can i survive the looooooonnnggg way home without falling flat on my face. one great thing though - one more day and i'm gonna be free for three fucking days!! wuhoo!! i can't wait for thursday to be over, i might do cartwheels tomorrow!!! haha, now i'm being ridiculous. hey, i ahve to entertain myself.... i've been drinking coffee the whole day and i know i'll probably die from it and judging the amount of caffeine i've had today, it's probably enough to make a full-grown man stay awake for week! too bad my system's fucked up.. it's like i never had coffee. i should pack up now... ...maybe another cup would do the job. i'm gonna throw my co-worker's computer out of the window, her music is pissing me off.

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