вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

streakthetiger: I'm alive! Honest O_o

Okay, so lets first start off with my job. First day was Sunday night. I started at 11. Met some pretty cool folks. The truck didn't come in that night so there weren't any knew products to stock. We spent the entire night zoning the store. It was really easy. I know it'll be harder next time, but it was a nice first day. I still need to get certified on the Wave Lift and the compactor in the back room. I start work at 11 pm. A break is usually at midnight, cause some people will have been there since 9pm. 30 minute meal break is at 3 am. Then another 15 minute break somewhere down the line. Then I go home at 7:30 to sleep. First pay is on the 12, where i'll be payed for my time at the orientation. Kinda funny, cause I get payed 9.50/hr while others might get more or less. Does that mean we all get payed differently for the same orientation? LMTO :D So, I dropped outta German. Not cause I didn't like it. Not cause it was overly difficult. But because it would have made my days very difficult with the way my sleeping pattern will end up being soon. Unfortunatly I don't get a refund, so I still owe the school $300, but not going to class will sure make my days easier. At least on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm still going to finish my AAA class since Wednesday is my last day. On more day. I owe the teacher that much at least :) At first I felt bad about dropping out of German. I thought my teacher, Udo, would be angry. I felt bad so I wrote him an email explaining why I dropped out. I praised that man. Quite a bit actually if you go back and read a few of my journals when I first started that class. I thought he was so cool. I feel no regret for dropping that class anymore. After talking to Erin, it turns out that he's trying to force the rest of the students to drop out. He's had half the class drop on him so far. That's what he wanted. That's what he's told us. He wants everyone to drop out that doesn't want to take German so he's only left with those that are willing to learn it completely. But now he's emo and is being a complete bitch to those that are left in his class whether they have a desire to learn or not, in hopes that they will all drop out so he doesn't have to teach a German 101 class anymore. How...unprofessional...
Honestly, what an immature bastard. My computer's alive. Turns out one of my RAM sticks was dying. That's probably what was causing all the restarts and lack of performance. I know this cause it blew up the other day. S'why the new version of Windows that we installed wasn't booting. Badger gave me two new sticks to replace the 2 old ones, and it works now. =^..^= I kinda wish i'd known it was this simple before paw...but at least I didn't go out and buy a new motherboard/processor. This took a long time, but was free :) So as we speak, all my pr0nz are passing through the air between 's computer and my own. Hopefully i'll have it back and outta Kamo's fur by tomorrow evening. I owe him and Sean big for putting up with me :/ Badger's car won't be outta the shop till Thursday, so I gotta take him to work tomorrow. Need at least a few hours of sleep tonight for that. :P

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