понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

caywood: Muchness

I had a travel crazy weekend!! Corey and I went down to Cincinnati to visit the Elliott famdamily. We ate good food, drank good coffee, and walked around. It was pretty low key with the baby and all. Eloise is the cutest. She smiled right in my face, it was great. Their place is nice, I dig Eliose's paint in her bedroom. It has a heart on it. We all want haircuts. Then on Sunday I took a day trip to London, Ontario to meet Marian for a few meals. It was very emotional. We cried a lot and bonded. It was a good visit despite the devastating circumstances for Marian's life right now. I am glad I got to be with her for the day. She's a good person. NExt step is talking to Ryan again. I talked to him on Thursday and he sounded strangely calm, collected and sincere. I have never heard him sound like that in my life. It was strikingly odd. I just hope for the best for both of my friends. When I got home, Corey and I had a good laugh over the red haired statue that Ryan sent with me to give to Corey. It doesn't make any sense. Corey is reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to me. It's a great book. I never knew it would be so good. I think some of my employees were messing around on my computer when I was gone becuase they put up a new wallpaper. As I looked at it and tried to figure out what it was, it seemed to be that it was a painting of flowers down by some man putting paint on his privates and stamping it on the paper. As I do not want to look at this every day, I changed it back to Hank William's smiling face. Did I ever mention how much I adore that man's music?

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