понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.


The knee is sore. Just took some aspirin (wanted to change up med temporarily). I think I’ve gained back weight, which affects the knee. Back to the strictness. The trip to the beach was a resounding success: Great weather- rainy at first, but nearly cloudless and sunny later.
Good company- we got on excellently with our friends.
We had a nice little walk on the beach.
Did a nice little stint of shopping- bought Will a new briefcase at the leather store for $20.
Mostly ate in, but also at Dooger’s and Camp 18.
Watched some favorite movies.
Best of all- I got my friend M addicted to Lovers in Paris, Korean drama. I sent it back with her to finish at home. It was an electronic week. Our cell phones (theirs and ours) were always ringing, and both laptops were in use. Will thought he might have to make an interim trip back to Portland to present an offer, but it turned out he was able to conduct it from Seaside. Seaside Worldmark has an attachment which can be taken to the room, so that you the internet can be used there. It’s a good thing, because Will left some important notes at home. Kenneth, back in Portland, found the notes, scanned them, and sent them to Seaside via the internet. I never hooked up my laptop to get online. M used it to play Skipbo (similar to playing Solitaire on the computer). Once she starts playing something, you can’t get her to stop! But I was glad to see her relaxing. She has five children, and runs a business, so is quite a busy lady. So here I am back, having a few renewed determinations to keep my life on track.

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