вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

krisomniac: Only Dean Winchester Could Do it.

Made it back upstate this afternoon after the ultimate in reaxing weekends and beautiful fall day-drives. Returned to the rental car agency. The man at the booth was really nice, but I wonder if his head was really in it. GUY: Do you know the current mileage on the vehicle?
ME: Yes *proud* 31,901. Exactly.
GUY: *looks at contract* Wow, brand new car, too. It says here you had 31 miles when you left. At this point he doesn't seem to see anything amiss with that statement. ME: Thirty-one? There's no way. I only drove to New York City and back.
GUY: *looks closer at contract* Right. you've only had it since Friday. That's... four days. ME: Yes, so you see it's impossible.
GUY: Riiight. They must have meant three hundred and one miles.
ME: *headdesk* He seems very pleased at having come to this conclusion. ME: Um, well, New York is only two-hundred-some miles away, so I doubt I drove THIRTY ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED MILES to get there and back. *trying to be congenial* It probably had about 31,500 when I left.
GUY: Hmm... You might be right. Let me just look it up here. *types on computer* At this point I'm wondering about the quality of the math programs in the local grammar schools. GUY: Oh, yes. It says 31,450. That's more like it. ME: Thank you. Can I go now? So then I went to the auto repair place and got my car back. I asked the girl how it was. she said "great". I turned it on. Flashing orange light. "Time for Service" I refuse to take it in quite yet. Especially as my checking account is down to $50 and it looks like I won't be *eating* next month, much less servicing my car. New student loans don't come through until January, either, so I might have to rack up some credit card debt. *hides* I also saw Catch and Release last night, the movie with Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith. Odd to hear him *talk* in a movie, but it was really pretty cute overall, and left me with that warm, fuzzy, feeling. now must watch Heroes and count down the minutes until Thursday night. But the best thing about long weekends? is that they're followed by SHORT weeks. Woo hoo!!

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