понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

kashfi: Nine More Outs

Bottom of the 5th inning, Yankees are trailing by 5. 

I don't get how Alex Rodriguez becomes such a bad player in the post season and how these kids playing for the Indians become post season greats without ever having played a single post season game. [Rodriguez hits a single to left with one out] I hope Rodriguez doesn't come back. It will be the nail in the coffin of the Yankees as The Evil Empire. I think it'll be the end of signing top notch expensive talent and the beginning of playing hard with good players. [Posada hits to the second baseman, then Matsui pops up to short; end of the fifth inning] It would have been better if the Yankees hadn't made it to the post season, then the franchise would seriously have thought about how to get back to the championship ways of the late '90s. 

If I were the general manager I'd let Rodriguez go. Then find some young arms, from within the farm system or trade for young arms. Maybe trade Matsui or Abreu for good pitchers? The bullpen needs serious help. Joba Chamberlin and of course Rivera are the only sure fit in the bull pen. They need to stop signing these pussy relief pitchers who always need to hit their spots and start signing some hardcore fastball flame throwers who can throw them for strikes. Not saying to go out there and start looking for Benetiz and Acevado, what I am saying is go out there and find the Zumayas, the Turnbow, the Papelbons. All these changes won't happen overnight, maybe two seasons at best, but I'd rather root for a team with potential than a team whoa re all in for one season. [Mike Mussina has been pulled out of the game.]

I restored my computer to factory out of the box settings. The system was slowing down, I think the CS2 system took up a lot of the memory of my fragile laptop. Plus I think there might have been a few viruses? Or maybe worms? I don't know. So I restored it to the new state. I uploaded important documents to Google Documents and emailed all the family pictures to myself through Picasa, which I found to be really cool. Once I restoration was complete downloaded the IE7, chose not to download FireFox, the messengers I fruquently use [MSN, Yahoo]. Installed Word, and Frontpage. Updated Windows Media Player. I need to download iTunes. 

Ramadan ends this Friday. I'm fasting and I'm also trying to complete the Holy Koran. There are 30 parts, I'm up to 22.5. Tonight I'm planning on going to 23. Then 3 a day until finished. I'll score big points if I finish before Friday because I'll be able to call up my Hafiz, who is the Arabic teacher who comes over to teach me, I'll be able to tell him that I finished and then during the Friday Prayer that I am told I have to attend, which I always try to attend, will add my name to the long prayer that he's going to present. 

Will the Yankees win tonight? Nine more outs to go. Let's find out.

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