понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

stanharding: Low low low...

...energy, that is. I have managed a couple of things today at work, but not much. Luckily, the pressure's off from last week. Unluckily, the St. Paul-based boss of all the tech guys in the same cube farm is here today and she's set up shop in the little conference room right across from my cube. Which means she's frequently either having conversations with everyone right outside my cube, or coming out to see me on Amazon or Wikipedia or whatever. Bleah. Speaking of which, I found out today that getting stuff OFF of an Ipod onto a computer is a pain in the butt, which I guess most Ipod users know already. I have an 80 gb external hard drive at home with my ripped stuff, and a 40 gb one at work, with slightly different collections. So I wanted to drag my "fun pop" list onto my work computer, no dice. I had to download a non-Apple utility to do it. And I haven't yet looked to see whether it was smart enough just to copy the stuff I don't already have in my collection, or just blindly copied everything. No biggie. I was also reminded that Amazon is now selling MP3s directly and I thought I'd look to see if there were any cheap classical (entire) albums worth downloading, and found one of Bach violin concerti for $5.50. But I tried downloading it and it didn't work and then I played with the setting and realized I had to tell it about the work firewall, and did, but by then Amazon thought I'd downloaded it and won't let me do it again. So I have an email into tech support. That sort of thing must happen constantly. So, yeah, the weekend. Saturday was laundry and Mame rehearsal - I didn't have to be there at the beginning, they were just doing book scenes, and I thought I'd have a ton of time, but I ended up getting there right on time. We blocked "That's How Young I Feel" (which is Mame and the "kids" - 8 girls and 4 guys - and 3 of the 4 guys didn't show up. Sigh. And it was hot and gross and those poor dancers were frantically trying to lindy.) Oh, yes, and dinner with Bunthorne Boy. We went to a teeny Italian restaurant on 53rd St. called "La Gioconda" (actually I was there a half hour early, and just drank Pinot Grigio until he showed up). Had a very nice time. I graciously offered to let him dump all his sorrows on me, since when we had met for his birthday dinner a couple of months ago, I totally dumped on him (classy, right), but we managed to have a reasonable two-sided conversation. He's playing rehearsal piano for the G&S Xmas Carol that VLOG is doing and is discovering fun music from the shows he doesn't now - he kept humming them to me and I would say, "Oh, that's Sorcerer Act I finale" or "Oh, that's Iolanthe's Lament" or whatever. Foodwise, I started with grilled calamari on mesclun greens, then had veal saltimbocca (very good) and tiramisu. Much wine was consumed. Very pleasant evening. I thought Sunday would be easy-peasy and I'd get a ton of stuff done, but with ironing and lunch and errands and taking out the air conditioners, I didn't actually turn my attention to THE LIST until about 3:30. What I got done: made the list of cuts and changes to the Mame score (which is almost complete, since we've pretty much staged all the numbers). I will have to proof that tonight, then send it out to everyone. Then I finished feeding "If He Walked..." into Finale so I can then transpose it up a step (or into any key I want). I need to proof that, too. We finished watching Ugly Betty, Season I, except that Mr. Man fell asleep on the last episode, so we'll have to watch it again tonight. I have the first episode of this season taped, but forgot to get the 2nd - I will have to grab that on some rebroadcast. Wow, for someone with no energy, this is turning into a brain-dump-fest. Today, oddly enough, I'm not needed at rehearsal, so I won't be back there until Wednesday. I came into the office only because I was planning to go to the gym, but I ended up taking a walk along the Hudson instead. I will have to repeat that when it's cooler (it was really hot and gross), but also remember that it would be very easy to take the subway down to Chamber Street, then start the river walk at the north end of Battery Park City (which is where I ended up today) - as the walk between Houston and there is not particularly interesting and now seems to be all beat-up and constructiony. Have I reiterated my love for Laurie R. King lately? I'm now reading "Justice Hall", am once again riveted. Having never read any Sherlock Holmes, I have no idea whether she's imitating Conan Doyle's style, but maybe I should rectify that hole in my knowledge.

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