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    Hope your weekend was as great as ever!


    Me?  Hmmm…. The remainder of the week was dry yet gloomy; conducive to slumber.  My aunt is here for a visit and we've been kind of busy cooking.  LOL!  But not anything extraordinary.  Mga kung ano-ano lang na maisipan.


    When I was in Dubai, our diet just went around on beef and chicken.  But I have had issues with beef, since I discovered that the beef shawarma they sell on the streets are mutton beef and not cow's.  It wasn't as bad as you think it is but still, I can't handle the taste, but far more important for me is the aftertaste, ang pangit talaga sa panlasa ko.  So, it was just chicken most of the time.  Pork was definitely out of our diet.  First, only 2 supermarkets sell pork and second, boss doesn't allow pork in the house.  It worked for me, though.  Pabor kung baga since iwas high blood.  Pero syempre since it's part of our diet, miss din natin kahit paano.  So one time, si Kuya Isma (asawa ni Mimi), nagdala ng baboy na pangsigang.  Grabe, we were all so excited.  Pag dating pa lang ni Kuya Isma, we were looking forward to dinner. 


    (Kuya Isma stays in his separate accommodation, about an hour away from where we are.  It could have been only 20 minutes via private transport.  He goes there at our place once a week which was during his days-off; sleeps there for 2 nights and back to work after.  Mimi couldn't stay with him at his accommodation since it's not allowed.)


    All set.  The table is ready and we were all starving!  Nagsandok na si Kuya Isma and we were all at the table.  Umuusok pa ang sabaw!  I was actually disappointed at my first sip of the broth.  Me lasa kasi!  Sa Filipino term, they call it maanggo; siguro another term for malansa, in a different category, hehehehehe….  After that day, I didn't want to try pork again, at least not in Dubai.  I asked Cristy about that and she said it's probably the supplier.  Kasi nga since Dubai naman is an Islamic country, they don't really sell meat and it probably came from some pig farm with low standards.  But before that, I was asking myself, is it me, or the pork that has problem?  But I never found out until I got here.


    I remember when I called to say I was coming home, Pinx asked me kung anong gusto ko and I immediately told her, "baboy!"  hehehehehe….  I had issues with pork pagdating ko dito.  Natatakot kasi akong kumain because baka nga tama yong hinala ko na yong taste buds ko ang nagbago.  Pero still, that's the first thing I asked for.  During the first days I was home, iba nga.  But there's really nothing wrong with my taste buds nor the pork, it was actually the fact na nanibago ako with the diet.  Right now, I am still not very much into pork.  Pero ngayon, it's two things:  first the taste and second, it's health.




    FRIENDSTER.  Yeah, baduy!  But not in the true sense of the word.  Actually, it's not that it's baduy nowadays.  Kasi it has always been baduy to me.  Forgive the term, pero that's how I really see it kahit noon pa.  I am actually looking for a term other than baduy but I couldn't find one.  The way I see it, you really should have an account because that's where a lot of people go to get in touch with a lot of people.  It's the place to be (remember… Cindy's?  Lalalalalala… Cindy's is the place to be…. ) if you want to look for friends (I guess you'd say… it's living true to its word… heheheheh).  Had it been first to offer blog, baka nawili na rin ako doon.  I remember kasi, when I found out about it, I was already with live journal, although I don't really know who came first.  Then, at first you can't do anything with friendster but add friends and you can only upload like 5 photos.  And I wanted a site where I can write more and can do more.  Pero, still, diyan maraming mga tao.  That's where I found some of our common friends who I haven't seen for years.  Tell me right away pag me account ka na.  And I really suggest you update it frequently kasi yong iba, they go there to know more about you and to look at your pictures as well as your kids'.  Cool din naman pero I still prefer weblogs.


    Busy-person friendly MULITPLY.  I really think you should update your multiply.  I share Bebot's wanting for you to update it.  I was actually going to tell you that you would see more of what I did with my last e-mail to you.  You might probably have observed that I just linked you to two of my posts.  I did it since it goes well, too, for my other friends who visit the site every now and then.  That's the good thing about it.  What I like is the fact that you don't have to write multiple letters especially for simple events that could be shared with anyone.  Personal e-mails still work for me since it still imposes the depth of the friendship/relationship that one has with another.  Although in multiply, you can also choose who can read/view your posts.  Also, in weblogs (see, not necessarily in multiply alone), I find it easier to communicate with friends.  As you know, you only have to upload photos once and the viewer doesn't have to wait to download the photos which comes as an attachment.  Also, the cool thing about it is the fact that one couldn't send an MP3 file (at least not that I know of) via e-mail.  That was why I linked you to my blog to listen to Jim Chappell.  Also, now, I am into one of our local bands called Pinikpikan, and you can listen to them on my weblog.  So, kumbinsido ka na ba namin ni Bebot?  Hehehehehe….  Update mo na ha… LOL!  Oh yeah, and one more thing, you can set your posts only to be seen by you.  "for you" is the setting, tapos, you can specify the people you want to see your posts.  Tapos, kung ayaw mo pa nito, puwede mo lang i-share yong entry mo, just by clicking share underneath every entry that you make.  It will lead you to a page where you can either embed or e-mail the post.  Siguro alam mo na to, but then, I just want to convince you.  Later on, you might also want to share it with your friendster high school friend.  And still later on, we might refer to each other's entries.


    You might be surprised if I tell you that so far, you've been the longest correspondent I have had whether by e-mail or post; two straight months!  Hehehehehe…  I have friends who write me every now and then.  I have friends who were there especially when I was about to get out of my comfort zone, and when I was already out there, and still now that I am here.  I have been trying to reach out time and again to old friends, but none of them seem to be interested.  I have just settled to the fact that people really come and go; some stays and some doesn't at all.  But it still gives me content that at least I tried.


    MUSIC.  Sa ngayon, I'm not really into buying albums.  It was one of my projects nong nasa call center pa ako and regular na ako, I said I was going to buy 2 CDs every month; one local and one foreign, to keep me updated, pero ang hirap ding pakawalan kasi mahal din, Php 250-300 for an album.  Tas nong nagpunta ako sa Dubai, it was one of my projects.  But I've been wanting to own a PSP so nauna yon over the iPOD.  Pero now, as soon as I get back, first project would be the iPOD.  Primarily because you can put a chip that is in sync with a pair of Nike AirMax Plus, which I don't have yet…. Hehehehehe….  Grabe naman kasi… before I left for Dubai, tumingin na ako non kaso ang mahal naman!!!  So sabi ko, saka na lang.  Kaya medyo naudlot yang project na yan.  I think it was because kakalabas lang niyan noon kaya ang mahal pa.  Pero I'm still a little bit aprehensive kasi I have no idea how can you buy songs sa iPOD.  Oh well, anyway, matagal pa yan, baka after Christmas na….   Right now, I make do with the MP3 player Cristy sent me. 


    Pinx is still teaching aerobics.  I think that's the only thing she wants to do.  She's fine though.  She looks good also and a lot of people admire her figure.  There was a time na talaga namang namayat siya and she looked like she was sick.  That was during the time na she offered classes everyday and it wasn't really a good idea kaya I told her to just do it thrice a week to let her body recover. 
















    This was taken sometime last year during one of my walks.

    Dad had a check-up last Saturday and it was very comforting to know that all his counts are normal, especially the blood pressure and his sugar.  He used to swim a lot but since the swimming pool (photo above) he frequents was not maintained anymore (for political and corrupted reasons),  wala na siyang magpag-swimmingan.  The alternative was like a town away and it's private and not Olympic size, in short, resort… hehehehe….  Right now, he continued his early morning walks instead.  Dati na niya kasing ginagawa yon, in fact he met a lot of friends his age during that time.  Ang dami pati nilang gimmiks.  We used to joke him na mas marami pa silang gimik na mga senior citizens kesa sa amin.  But in time, some of his friends got sick, got tired and a few already died kaya medyo nabawasan na ang mga pumpunta doon sa complex.  Recently, he started to wander along the rice fields.  This is something new since dati, he just uses the oval.  Good for him because I think it's his time.  Una nga, I was planning to walk with him, pero I thought maybe it's his own space kaya I never went with him. 


    TV SHOWS. I am curious about "The L World"  but never got to watch any.  We have Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Lost and a lot more.  I used to follow LOST but never got into it when I was in Dubai.  I was lucky to have seen the last six episodes when I got here.  In Dubai, the room the I landed into only had TFC and two movie channels which mostly shows B-movie actions films and the rest being UAE channels.  We have to pay additional for every channel to subscribe.  Then, when I transferred to the home-office, we don't even have t.v. there…. LOL….  So, it's kinda I don't miss any at all.  We used to follow 'Sex and the City' years ago.  Then, we found "LOST" and got very much into it.  I was planning to buy a whole season DVD (hoping I could watch in on my laptop) in Dubai but never got to.  I miss "Six Feet Under" though.  Nowadays, I've settled to the fact that as long as I have my laptop and a book, that'll do.  Sa music naman, I make do with what I have on my file.  There were a lot of MP3s that I had to erase though to maximize the speed.  I think I'll get hold of Grey's Anatomy in DVD later on.  I am quite intrigued that some of my friends send me quotes from this series.  They say you can get a bootleg copy of it from somebody in Dubai.  But I don't trust bootlegs anymore.  Kasi naman after a few plays, ayaw nang mag-play, nags-skip, etc.  It's one of the reasons why I bought PSP, only to discover later that it only supports and exclusively supports UMD (Universal Media Disc format) for movies and it's quite hard to find movies in this format.  Siguro lalo na yang mga series.  Downloading things is really an option for me;  movies, songs, games, etc, pero I have no idea how to do it.  Kasi I have this thinking that to be able to do that, you MUST first have a credit card, which I don't have right now.  It would be easy when I get back to Dubai and get a job.  Kasi doon it's very easy to get a credit card once you have a job and an employment visa.  But then siyempre, mahirap din me credit card.  One thing that works for me is the EPS, which works the same as the debit card there. 


    Ayan, para na namang pancit ang sulat ko… LOL!  I was wanting to be as brief and concise as possible….  Pero I find it hard to convey it that way.  Kasi naman, there's always a story behind a story behind a story.  And besides, I still find it quite comfortable writing to you the story behind the story.  See, that's one difference between email and blogs.  It could be the same anytime we want to lalo na pag busy na.  Pero I stil hold that there is something unique and personal about e-mails.


    Meanwhile, check out my blog for other things….


    Take care and enjoy the rest of the week!



    Send my birthday greetings to Mitzi on the 16th.  I wonder if she's also into e-mail correspondence?









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