понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.


Today's To-Do: - 9:05-9:55: Tai Chi
- 10:10-11:00 - English 402
- 11:15-12:05 : Russian
- 12:30: Monty Python Society death of Caesar
- After that: Go talk to Lisa (402 prof) during her office hours. Nothing's the matter; she just wants to talk to us individually to get to know us better. I also missed class on Friday from still being out of commission from the Cirque de Soleil of my period on Thursday, during which I spent entirely too much time throwing up from being in so much pain.
- After that: Go into work for as long as I can without wanting to kill myself. - After that: Meet up with Chris, take over a few computers somewhere and we'll write our papers on the Stanzaic Morte Arthur. Ok, who assigns a character analysis paper in a 400-level class? There is nothing about this class that is not bullshit. Granted, I'm happy I get to pull out the Guinevere/Eve comparison...but come on. I'm not too worried about it.
- At some point, I need to go over the readings on beauty, weight and cosmetic surgery for the class discussion I'm supposed to be co-leading in my rhetoric class tomorrow. I say supposedly because the two girls who are also doing it haven't bothered to get back to any of my emails about it. Plus, they seem kind of bitchy anyway. Gah. This means I'll be missing the sorting ceremony tonight. I'm sorry, guys! I'm so busy. Oh, I also need to not FREAK OUT. We'll talk later, dudes.

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