понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

captivatemecena: I'm Home!!!!!!!!!

Okay not like I wanna be, I had way to much fun this past weekend in St. Louis. I really didn't wanna come home, I could've stayed abit longer but I'm going back in December thanks to Daddy for my Christmas present. I'm going to see the Rams play the Steelers.  St. Louis is so pretty and there's so much to do, I went nuts in the mall. Me + Mall= trouble. I did spend way to much money when I was there but honestly I don't care, alot of money that I did spend was at the Dome on sunday.  I thought I was gonna need another suitcase, b/c I wasn't sure if everything I bought would fit in mine. But I got it all to fit, it wasn't easy, but I made it work. As for the game, I got there early and had a blast. There is so much to do before the game tailgatting, booths to visit, things to do. The food at the dome was the best. Had to go through a pat down and purse search but that was okay, got in finally and had to walk along ass way down to my seat. Was happy one I got there b/c the guys where out warming up so I go to take pictures, ofcourse most of the pics I did take where of Marc, The game itself well, yeah thanks to the refs, drop[ed balls, stupid pens, and three int's by the back up quaterback gus we lost!!!!!!  When it rains it pours on the Rams, nothing and I mean nothing went right for them. Now with an 0-5 record they go to balitmore to play the ravens. YIKES!! Plus once again Marc will be sitting b/c of the broken ribs and sore knee so it could be another long sunday.   I was really disappointed that the Rams didn't win, but trying to get out of the Dome was a bitch so I got fed up and waited until most of the ppl left before I took off out of there. There was just to many ppl pushing and shoving and I really didn't need that on my back so I stayed back and waiting until it was empty enough to head out. Well dumb me kinda got mixed up going out and I ended up walking out the back entracne of the dome instead of the one I came in at that leads back to the hotel. Figures Right?  Well it didn't turn out to be all bad b/c I saw some ppl waiting around after the game they where hoping to see the players as I find out. Granted I was tired and on the verge of losing my voice but I stuck around hoping to meet my quaterback Marc Bulger and I did get to meet him, made my day, my weekend, my whole trip to be honest. He is the nicest, sweetest guy i've ever meet. I had fun talking to him, yes I've got pics, and I got his autograph so I'm a happy girl.  I enjoyed my whole weekend away from the computer, I didn't miss it one bit. Yes I could've brought my laptop w/ me but I'm really glad i didn't do that. I'm lagging b/c of the lack of sleep, but as I told Kori earlier sleep is overrated. I did lose my voice, it has yet to come back. Well I get back here and ofcourse I had to find out how No Mercy played out.  Umm yeah No Mercy looked like a really bad RAW/SD/ECW put together. Are you fucking kidding me?  What they did w/ the WWE Title  Sucks ASS!!!!!!!! They blew a big chance lastnight. First you do the dumb thing and just fucking hand Orton the damn belt BULLSHIT!!!!!! Only to have NOSE come out and take it from him MORE BULLSHIT!!!!!!! Then have NOSE defend it against Umaga and beat him, then turning around and still have the Last Man Standing Match only to have Orton win it back. WHAT A CROCK OF FUCKING BULLSIT!!!!!!!! There is no way in hell Orton should have the belt, he doesn't desereve it. Nose shouldn't have it either  that's the last thing I wanna see. The really fucked up w/ that whole title situation lastnight.  Bouns Match Mr. Kennedy teams wins, good.  What the fuck was up w/ the Eating Contest what a waste of space, poor Melina having to do something like that instead of doing what she does best and that is wrestle.  ECW Title match oh please that was a train wreck in the making, and where the hell was Morrison? I hate Punk, i'm glad he got a massive beat down but Morrison should've come out and finished his sorry ass off.  Glad to see Batista is still World Champion, I was gonna puke had that thing won it back. Where the hell was the Undertaker??  Finlay and Rey Rey that was a crock of shit match.  The only good thing that came out of that ppv was the Glamazon winning the WWE Woman's Title from Candice Michelle. Finallly a real woman's champion, not some paper doll. Yes I like Candice and yes she's improved but she should've never been given that belt she defending what three times in the four and half months she had it, that's sad. Now we have a woman's champion we can be proud of and that can actually wrestle.  I'm happy for Beth she really earn that belt and I know she's gonna make a great woman's champion.  Not really looking forward to RAW tonight, but atleast Johnny is gonna be on, RAW is gonna suck w/o him.  Well off to finish playing w/ my digi camera and getting the pics taken care of. Later Gators xoxoxox

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