понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

tinabina275: First Internship Days

I decided to combine my entries for both Tuesday and Thursday because Tuesday was so short! So far, I love working at Stantec. Everyone is really nice and helpful. I really wasn't aware that Stantec did so much work in the Rochester area. Right up the street from me at RIT is something that they designed right there! Tuesday I met with Bill S. He will be my main mentor, but Jen and Donyelle will also help me learn about the marketing world. My initial visit made me extremely nervous. Even though I had secured a internship there already, I was anxious as to how the whole thing would work. My computer experience was something that he said was key on my resume and he was impressed that I had good knowledge already with the Office programs. *What will be the most beneficial Thursday was my first big test.

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