вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

antigone_grace: [SO Very Out of Character...]

Okay, so... Rachael ( ) and I went out to dinner. Mostly because I'd had a SERIOUSLY foul day that had included telling off a senior partner at the firm and um, ended when my computer went on the futz. That meant drinks and fries at Red Robin! Now, we invade Red Robin oh, fairly often. Often enough that we can find out who's workin' and ask for the guys we want. Robi, Stephen, Trevor... ya know, the ones WE know are going to take GOOD care of us. Like, the other day? Robi went and made our fries special because the kitchen people were slackin'. THAT is good service and we love our guys. Tonight, however, Rachael says to me, "Hey, you know who Trevor would be good as?" I take a look and say, "Hermes!" Because Trevor has this HAIR that sticks up like... yeah. :D Gotta love it. Total Hermes hair. But see, Trevor likes to light shieze on fire whereas Stephen (our server for the evening) is studying finance (We'd decided that Stephen actually looked good as Loki, see). So, we switched. Trevor became the Almighty God of Blowing Shit Up and Stephen became Hermes, Ye Olde God o'Finance. And Quickness, because MAN was he on them fries. And alcohol. LOKI:
... once we explained the entire concept? They were SO INTO IT! They started POSING (as evidenced by Hermes, there) and yeah... here: ... Gotta love our boys! :D *HEE* Turns out Loki there? A huge Peter Petrelli fan.

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