среда, 10 октября 2007 г.


goddammit. my CD-ROM died. I guess I should be happy it lasted as long as it did. Now I either have to find another crappy one from a dead computer laying around somewhere, or buy a new one. Getting a new one would mean I could get one that has a burner on it, tho. Actually, dad had better buy it for me. I'm not usually ungrateful about having to get my own things, but when Brittany got a new computer for no reason at all, and Nicole got a new laptop for "school", I kind of was upset about it. So I think he owes me. I guess its a weird form of sibling rivalry. If they get a huge expensive present just because, I should get something too goddammit. I think it also has something to do with being the oldest. You know how it is. You get none of the attention, none of the cool toys, all the responsibility/chores/homework, etc etc etc. It sucks. But you do get to be cooler and more mature for basically your entire life, so that's kind of a payoff. Still. I kind of need my computer for watching DVD's, since no one likes it when I use the TV's. Like, ever. Mom got pissed at me last Thursday for wanting to watch the Office, and she wouldn't even sit in the room with me while it was on. She went in the kitchen and started throwing a fit by cleaning dishes loudly, which I ignored, cause, um, encouraging childish shit by reacting to it is not what I do. That's Nicole's deal. I refer everyone to Hallie's entry about her getting caught on camera. I keep looking at that second picture, and trying to see if the person in the way back with their arm in the air is me. the darkness makes it hard to tell if her shirt/jacket/etc is purple or just black x_x but the wristSTRONG bracelet is on the correct arm, AND that was about when I went out to find Hallie again. sooooo... I dunno. I can't remember if I raised my arm or not x_x stupid bad memory. I wish I'd kept my hat on after we started drinking. That would've been the end of guessing. let's just say its me for the sake of it being awesome :P

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