понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

raydon_12: Wow, what a ride!!

So, following the cryptic "I'm alive" post, I've covered a lot of miles. Sunday the 30th I put in a few hours at the office then headed back to Saratoga, got checked into the motel and had a lovely evening with Chilly and S. Monday, we WALKED. It was a long day. I think we did about 5 miles of pipeline for 10+ miles of walking. It was WINDY!! Windy enough that it knocked Chilly down a few times and would push me around when walking with the wind. This was repeated on Tuesday and Wednesday. 4-5 miles of pipeline for 8-10+ miles of walking. Someone lied. They told me that the pipeline was 17 miles. A quick measurement on the maps shows closer to 20. Not only that, they made changes that aren't on my copy of the maps. Ugh. The whole project we were following an old road and we kept finding scattered historic materials. So, the last day,Thursday, we did the final 40 acre block walk, then, just in case, we drove the old road, taking GPS and photos. I got into the office about 5pm. The old road shows up on the GLO's (Government Land Office) maps from 1873, but it does not have a name. Thats saving my bacon. Since its not named I don't have to record it as a historic route. Additionally, because its been bladed and crowned and ditched on multiple occasions, it now qualifies as an Expansion Era road in additon to having begun in the Territorial Period. Even if I did have to document it, these modifications would make it not eligible, and therefor, not a headache, just an annoyance. Friday we did a lot of reasearch and decided it was just a local road, not historically important, therefore, I don't have to mess with it. Did I mention wind? Yes, I did, I forgot to mention the SNOW. It snowed in upper elevations on the 29th. I was nervous driving over on the 30th as I kept crossing the snow lines along the highway. Luckily, on Monday, when we got to the project area, it was just a bit muddy, no snow cover. It also rained like crazy on Tuesday night, I think it was Tuesday, could have been Monday. Anyway, the night of the rain, we went to the hot springs. Saratoga has a number of geothermal hot springs, they're lovely. The one is totally free and open 24-7, 365. Went with Chilly and S, they invited their friend L. L is a hottie. We had a good time chatting. Its a good thing my new trunks are loose and a bit baggy. We soaked in the 120+ degree F water for a little over an hour, it was wonderful!! My knee and foot loved me the next day. Of course, the days after that they complained constantly. I do have photos. They're on the computer at home. Elk Mountain is majestic, stanind up above the desert, but the rest of the project area was just plains and sagebrush, I was hoping for nicer. Oh well. At least it was a new and different area. Spent Friday in the office getting things together. I've got enough on my desk right now, along with my excavation, to get through the winter without any more field work. Naturally, it doesn't work that way. Tuesday I have to go meet the BLM and test a site. After that, it sounds like I'll be helping one of the others with one of his projects for a few days. Well, my babble seems to have run out. Can't think of anything else huge or important to talk about at the moment. Not like I ever talk about much thats huge and important. Its seldom that huge and important things happen to me. This might be a good thing :)

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