вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.


I am totally convinced that I will get no where as a writer. Death by writer's block. What the hell am I doing? What was I thinking?!?! Ahhhh!!! But Fall Break is really soon and I'm so glad. I'm going to see lots of people. Like Sean! I'm gonna visit Big Eddie at Tabor too and whoever else happens to be around then (after school). I had a really weird dream about Kneisel last night. He was a combination of himself and my one of my workstudy professors, and I guess I was visiting, but he like grabbed my arm and looked at me really intently and I think he asked me if I was busy? And I said no, and he invited me to come to stitch and bitch with him and his wife. Which is something the Chaplain has at her house, a little knitting/needlework/chat cirlce. But he was going. So I went to his house with him and his wife and we got in the car and suddenly I was REALLY uncomfortable with the idea of being in his car and going to this thing with him, so I told him I didn't feel well and was goin to go home. And home was the house I used to live in before the one I live in now, as it often is in my dreams. And things were going wrong. I also remembered today that the night before last, I dreamed I was on the Titanic. Fun fun. I finished reading the short stories for english. Raphael (teacher) was not lying when he warned of the dark subject matter. Like whoa. I'm also beginning to wonder if sex is a requirement for valid fiction. Not necessarily detailed descriptino of the act, but just the idea of it and various things surrounding that idea. So am I gonna have to mention sex in every story I write, just to have my bases covered? The next generation will be defining fiction as everything we already know, plus sex. So. Buttons. Stupid computer. grr.

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