понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

butterfly860: Things to accomplish this winter

Wondering if I'll get the all done..without the proper ambition and motivation..probably not..but my intentions are good..Yeah yeah--I know--the road to hell and all that..well here goes 1 - Paint the guest room
you've got to admit--it's hideous and it really needs painting! 2 - Do something with the bathrooms They could both use some help! 3- Make definite plans for the yard and decide where to start--and make sure to start there as soon as the weather allows!
4- Make my craft room all nice nice.
5- Build in the dishwasher.
6 - Unpack and hang up pictures and ornaments. With or without Johnnie's help...I must do these tings.
Since he seems satisfied to sit and eff around on the computer all the time..if I don't do something it will never get done.
And...no time like the present--so I am off to get a start Bye for now

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