среда, 10 октября 2007 г.

rathtairis: Ha Ha!

So tonight was fun.  After getting kicked out of my room so my roomie could have some torrid affair with someone who never ended up appearing, I spent some quality time practicing my instruments and eventually going over to the PUB to play WoW on the shiny computers.  And then my "chaperon" found out that I went over there by myself, and decided that he needed to show up.  So he mosied on over, talked to me for a little bit and then went downstairs to play CounterStrike Source.   After finally deciding that I should get off the computers, I went down to join Zach only to get coerced into playing the game too.  And DAMN! it was fun.  xD

So after getting kicked out of the computer lab, because apparently we were supposed to be out of there at midnight instead of one (go figure), the chaperon fulfilled his duty by making sure I didn't walk in the dark all by myself.  I probably should be flattered and all, but the stubborn, self-sufficient part of me just wanted to kick his ass.  But he was entertaining on the walk home, so I guess he made up for it.  Oh well, can't be helped.   

Today was also the first day of playing bari for Jazz Band.  I squeaked so much, it was ridiculous.  So tomorrow after Marching Band, I'm going to spend a good hour or so in the practice rooms trying to make it sound good.  I just need some time to honk out the notes.  Hopefully, whoever is in Jazz 1 plays on the Mach, so I can snag the Yanagi for myself.   Just sequester myself in a practice room, get the feel of the instrument, and hopefully I'll be good to go.  A part of me really wants to be a music major, but whatev.

Oh, on a different note:  Broken Home is now undergoing its revamp.  I'll post all the revised chapters as well as a new one (hopefully) by the end of the month.  And the second chapter of Moral Fight is getting started on after that.   I'm going to be slightly insane and try to do two continuous fics at one time.  And be in two bands as well as take 18 credits.  I'll be dead around finals, I'm calling it.  Although I suppose the only way to avoid that is to take rather immaculate notes in class.  And study every waking moment.   xD  Not happening.

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