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reitafangirl: 10.09.07.

Wow, I seriously thought today was the eight of October. T^T. How the days go by without one noticing it.

I had loads of fun today. Until 3:30-ish pm... lemmie tell you, lets start.

I didn't go to school today because the brakes on the car were pretty bad. So I woke up at around 11am, because Amber told me last night that we couldn't meet up at 12pm as we originally planned because her mom had to go somewhere and she was going with her. We said, okay then 1:30pm it is. So I woke up at 11am, getting ready and stuff. Then my dad tells me that I bought him the WRONG brakes yesterday (when he told me the ones to get.) so I had to get him the other ones since he lost the receipt. sigh. When I got to the auto place, I noticed that I was still in my pjs. *what an embarrassment*

When I got back home, I got ready as quickly as I could. Then I got distracted because I was talking to Heather online, and I like talking to her and stuffs. but uhm, yeah, I left like around 12-something-ish. ehehe. and I met up with her at the corner of her street. Yesterday I bought her a Hershy's Chocolate Bar. and I gave that to her. She was happy! We went inside, I said hello to her mom, and we went in her room to talk for a bit and stuffs. We kissed a few. Then we went in her living room and we were watching many videos on her computer. ehehe KAT-TUN. lolol. We watched tons of videos trying to pass the time. Because we were suppose to meet up with Amber. I called her twice to make sure everything was in order, and she wasn't home. We thought that she already took the bus and came here but forgot where Heather or I lived, so we walked to Valley farms to check and she wasnt there, then the THIRD time I tried calling her, Amber says that she was trying to call me, and if I called her like 5 minutes before, she could have caught the bus and came to see us! This was around 3 o' clock. Heather and I sighed a lot. Now we have to think of a time and place for all three of us to hang out next. Though we decided on a date, we don't know if we can do it on that date, because someone is getting a new job, and another person is trying to figure out if she can skip school, ehehe  guess who. lolol.

Anyway, after that was said and done, we walked back to Heather's house and the sky was looking pretty bad, and I thought I heard thunder, but it was a motorcycle. I almost had a heart attack. I don't like thunder. When we got back to her house, I was having a paranoid attack! I was so worried for the thunder that I kind of wanted to go home. I know, I'm a big baby. SO WHAT! I am terrified of thunder, everyone is scared of something you know. Well I was shaking pretty bad so I left. not before giving her a kiss. ^////^. I think I made her a bit sad that I was leaving, but thunder... T^T. *cry cry* I will make it up to you! <333.

When I was walking back home, it started to rain REALLY HARD! I got stuck under a tree! and I was stranded there for a long while, before and old lady was yelling at me and kicked me out of her property. I called my dad to pick me up. the worst experience of my life. I dont ever want to leave the house when someone tells me its going to thunder (even though it doesnt look it) ever again. (thanks for the heads up Amber.) And because of the thunder storm, I didnt have Internet till like 9 o' clock pm. and I'm trying to post this as fast as I can before it goes out again.

Plus I'm downloading this kdrama (Korean Drama) called "18 vs. 29." From what I read it sounds really good, and anyone who knows me knows that I love dramas. ehehe, especially kdramas, (but I am starting to love the jdramas too!) lmao, here is the synopsis of "18 vs. 29":

*~18 vs. 29~*

"Yoo Hye-chan, 29, reverts mentally to an 18-year-old girl after having a car accident. As she recovers her memory and the relationship with her husband, Kang Sang-yeong, she goes through many hilarious and heart-moving moments.

Hye-chan, who was a beauty queen in high school, marries her former classmate Kang Bong-man. In 2005, she turns 29. But after a fierce fight with her husband, she heads to court to file for divorce, unable to control her rage anymore. On her way to court, her car clashes with a truck, and as a result she develops amnesia. She only remembers herself as a senior high schooler, when she was sassy and outgoing, and popular with her peers. As her memory reverts to her adolescent years, she suddenly becomes crazy about the dance group "Seo Tae Ji and Kids," which was popular with teenagers back in the ‘90s. While looking strong on the surface, deep inside she is soft-hearted and feeble. She likes Jane Campion's movie "Piano" a lot. Although Kang Bong-man, nicknamed "Ice Prince," is the ideal of every girl in Hye-chan's school, she regards him as shallow. The guy she really likes is her senior, Jeong Shi-woo.

But in reality, Hye-chan's husband is Kang Bong-man, whom she despised so much in high school. He changes his name to Kang Sang-yeong when he becomes an actor. In the latter part of the drama, Hye-chan recovers her memory and pursues her dream of becoming a film director. When Hye-chan loses her memory, Sang-yeong becomes preoccupied with mending their shattered relationship. He collects all the messages they had exchanged in the past to help her remember who he is. (http://wiki.d-addicts.com)"

I think it sounds pretty cool! I cant wait till it finishes downloading, I'm downloading three episodes already. When the whole thing is finished, I'll start to watch it.

I fell in love with the Jrock band, "Rentrer en soi." omfg, I love them so much! They're top three now in my top five! And I just started listening to them on Saturday! ehehehe, (Thanks Heather) lolol. I love their song "JUST MAD PAIN" I was listening to it non stop, on repeat, for three hours! <333.

And now I'm talking to Tetsuya, my soul mate! <33333

Okies, before my internet goes out again. I'm going to post this. Because I have a feeling it will go out.

I <3 you and ONLY you!!! ehehe lol ^////////^

Ja ne.

~Reita-kun, Reitafangirl, Rei-chan


omg omg omg! I was watching the news, and I saw a Japanese guy talking! They said his name! "Ryuichi Kaneko" omfg omfg omfg he was amazingly hott!!! <33 okay that is all, I'm happy now. I'm not a stalker, I'm not crazy! What are you talking about?! *cough cough cough* ehehe lolol ^^;;


Ja ne.

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