понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

neadods: Link Me!

I'm back, I've had a fabulous time, and I'm going to be spamming y'all with posts and pictures for a bit. There are going to be three main posts about Italy (unless I run afoul of the size limits), and then tonight or tomorrow I'll be typing up the fannish stuff I was working on during the plane ride - the next fic in the Torchwood/SJA crossovers (Computer Security in the "A Question of Jurisdiction" cycle) and a defense of Sarah Jane titled "You were my life": Neither Retcon nor Romance. *This* post is to ask you to catch me up with everything online. Anything major happening to you I should know about? Interesting articles or links? Any good fan essays, fanfic, (even wank)? Are there new installments on the Ten Doctors or Torchwood Babiez cartoons? Let me know! Also, if you know of any good scrapbooking software, please let me know. I refuse to go buy all the papers and stickers and stuff - the last thing this house or my budget needs is the detritus of yet another hobby - but if you know of any good software where I can import my pictures, add some pretty stuff, play with my many fonts, and then print out the resulting page, let me know. And now I'm off to turn all my Yahoogroups back to "mail" and read the 144 messages lurking on AOL...

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