понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.


 happy birthday firstlove!
ILY, my eightyearfriend <3 nono, 8years classmate (:
hahas. do write proper lyrics next time, so i wont mistake it for some song to memorise for home econs info [x

late night chat with hester ytd (: couldnt sleep and somehow always if i cant fall alseep, i'll just call her and she'll always tell me the same thing, "count sheeps". hahaha. seri was busy memorising hist notes when i arrived at school. computerized brain la. forgot to bring my hairband to lend stella again (: history, sucked. felt so much better after telling buddy&hester&kwek&joey&grace&vanes stuff. seriously, if you do feel liek crying, just tell vanes or grace your problems, their reactions just make you laugh la. hahaha. home econs, i find it the easiest paper so far (: heez. after schoolw as with hester&buddy&kwek. walked in the rain, freezing cold la ): that hester still say not cold. hmph. hester was making laugh our ass out with her maths-stressed-actions. kwek looked nice today, her dressing changed a lil la. haha. dont be complacent horr. if hester is stressed, she got lil birdie. rj stressed, her macdonalds. buddy stressed, im just a phone call away! hahha. yupp, and i'll turn to buddy too cause we're such lonely asses. i cant wait for this particular outing man, pray that vanes will go, i dont like being a lightbulb lorr [x 

history paper is such a killer ):
i seriously screwed everything up la. those info were just like at the tip of my brain/head/motuh/finer, pen? haha. but just couldnt pen it down ): manxz. didnt even complet the darn paper. prolly cause the paper is made up of kangaroo shit, i mean, some angmoh country, they do use kangaroo shit to make paper. hahaha. sigh. i wanna turnback time to ytd night and concentrate on history instad of doing other sheet. seesee hester, ): there goes my hopes of getting A1. have no diea why was i so distracted. sigh. if this carry on, maths&sciene=gone case.

i told myself to forget all about it, i tried but couldnt
i expected it all anyway. this sucks. 
i am gonna forget everything, ):
you're just gonna be a friend, with a special place, in my heart.
hey, friend.


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