вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

roxbo: My homework...

This is my Computer Ethics homework: "Case 1: trapped in an Underwater Sea-Cave
In an effort to alleviate end-of-the-term stress related to exams and term
papers you professor has invited you to join her on a trip to an underwater
sea-cave. You, along with your classmates (31 in all), agree to go and are
happy to be told that no scuba gear will be necessary--the sea-cave is only
underwater at high tide which won't occur for several hours. Afte exploring
the sea-cave for over an hour you notice a slight tremor and that the only
opening to the cave has become narrower. With hogh tide approaching you and
your classmates decide to exit the cave and one of them--through no fault of
her own--Ginger, gets stuck. In fact, so stuck that she cannot be pulled
back or pushed out. Moreover, it just so happens that her head is above high
tide. It looks pretty bad for you and the rest of your classmates who are
stuck down in the cave with the water rising. Except, one of you has brought
a stick of dynamite and a match--and there is only one place that it can be
used. You could, shove the dynamite next to Ginger, blow her up, and at the
same time widen the opening so that no one gets stuck. What, morally, should
you do?" God I hope I don't meet Ginger, she'd be fucked for the greater good.

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