вторник, 16 октября 2007 г.

laurarey: Meditation, Dulcimers, Knitting Suggestions

Heh. Sometimes the universe/Divine/God/dess speaks to me in very plain language. This morning's meditation yielded:

"Don't wallow in self pity."

Plus, a lovely card explaining how I'm getting behind on some stuff and need to get it done or else.

Heh.  See? Universe takes pity on simple minds. :)

In other news, be vewy quiet, I am hunting dulcimers.  I like a couple of different company's models. 

http://www.mcspaddendulcimers.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/displayleaf/sid/1695662092171235661268/numlis/12/lh/h-0,c-8/sqst/9.htm  (Specifically the standard hour-glass walnut or cherry)


I'm finding that getting used ones on ebay is more challenging than I thought.  I really want an hourglass one, and they don't seem to be much cheaper there than buying a new one from a company.  We'll see. If it's supposed to happen, it will.  Perhaps I'm only kidding myself that I have time or inclination to learn to play another instrument.  Still, the idea of having something new to learn this winter that doesn't involve computers sounds attractive. 

Since taking a couple of knitting classes this spring, I've knitted a scarf, two pairs of socks, mittens, a hat and just finished the pieces for a sweater.  I'm starting another hat for myself with the yarn I have left over from the previous projects.  However, I'm finding that I'm getting a bit bored with it and am not sure what project to do next to challenge myself.  I'm using two colors on the current hat (striping teal and black).   Any suggestions from the knitters out there on new projects that would involve learning new techniques?  I was so impressed with 's lace shawl that I considered going that direction. But, I'm not really into lace. In our household, lace wouldn't last ten minutes. I just can't find anything that really grabs my interest.

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