среда, 10 октября 2007 г.

missfpq: totally exciting.

it's been awhile.
been sick, very very sick this month (think 2 weeks of mc & flu) and in the midst of preparing for Czech! apparently everyone's really excited about it too. =) oh, 2 weeks of porridge is no joke either. bahhh. =|

there are many things on my mind lately. too many to pen down. or rather, gucci (my laptop has a posh name) has been living in my office for the past few weeks and thus the unavailability in updating more often. but you know i'm not that apologetic, more internet time means more depressing entries (maybe).

2 things to give thanks for:
..my dearest boss is finally married. i'm really happy for her...many thoughts ran through my mind as i witnessed her exchanging vows, giving thank-you speech to parents, and so so blissful. i'll elaborate more when i get our photos! 

..czech is becoming a reality. i didn't dare to believe that i will have enough to eat (but now i do. you will see it later) nor do i have enough to buy stuff for myself. aiya, let's face it. who doesn't like to buy get a piece of the country you're travelling in for yourself? up to last night, i couldn't believe that i can survive. i mean, i'm only bringing $550 (inclusive of transport and stay) over! how to survive....but really, thank God.  i decided to surrender to God and i told Him that i'll trust He will provide and i'll not worry. i will not starve because God won't allow that. praise Him! today, when i met my aunt, she gave me money. on top of that, she's paying for my travel insurance! another friend decided to donate money to me too. =...) i'm really, really thankful because God really answers prayers. 

there are many reasons to why going on this trip means so much to me. i need a break, i need to take my mind away from him, maybe a transition from creature to babo (i'm so torn over this, though much silly as it sounds), resting my soul, a time of bonding with my 2 gfs, attending the film fest and more importantly, knowing God more. i have so many plans, so little time. everyone's asking me to go on a 2-week stay, I WISH! 

heh, this is the reason why i will not go hungry in czech:

many, many food. all bought with love. =..)

here's a sneak preview to the many beautiful pictures we took during the wedding!

last minute decor stress was spent like this!

on closer look, my face looks F A T.

i don't do such photos most of the time, so i decided to try it out. haha!

i was on my way to esplanade on sunday to attend Kumar the Queen, which was not very fantastic by the way...and you know the underground pass always have those exhibitions? you should check out the latest one, it's all by kids! as young as 4 years old... and look what i found!


and during the early days of squirming, i ate 3 mooncakes in less than a week.

this was my third. and now i wonder why i didn't finish off the fourth. hmm.

when i'm back, i will flood the pages with photos and more photos! am not very keen on the trips to internet cafes just to transfer photo data. bahhh.


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