вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

jeevesthegeisha: ok, skip the rope...

so lately there has been this group of people who like to come to my school and set up anti-abortion protests. they have HUGE posters of aborted fetuses (feti? haha, i dunno) that are all gross and they have guys standing one little platforms yelling about how wrong abortion is and how god hates it and everyone who get an abort is a sinner. they came back today. it was like the THIRD time in a i would say 4 or 5 week period. i mean, i am allllll about free speech. yes, good. its your constituional right. go for it. but SERIOUSLY do you really need GIANT posters of gross aborted fetuses? do you need to be YELLING about how anyone is a sinner that gets an abortion? this time it was more intese tho. there were cops here and one guy was video taping it! i think he might have been from a local news station, not sure tho. it lasted 5 HOURS. yeah, it was nuts. and so i got reallllly worked up because i hate people that feel they have to PUSH their beliefs on you. yes, i know maybe you could say they were just "informing" us, but thats not how it felt. it felt forced. usually i dont get all political because usually i dont care BUT as a girl i feel like i really do care about this. its a woman's choice. not the governments. yes, i know people abuse it and they don't know how to control themselves, but why do they have to fuck it up for the people who really need one? and where they were holding the protest was literally 5 feet from the little playground outside the education building. there were little kids running around and there are HUGE posters of gross-ness. not cool, man. "are you locked and loaded, officer?" "i'm a tiger ready to pounce, taylor." and.... "i think he said, stop the noodle skews." hahahaha i wish our protest was more like that one. that way i wouldn't get so MAD about it. anyway, moving on.... so i haven't really seen season 6 because i dont own it. i mean, i saw it when it was on new on the WB and i occasionally see part of one on ABC family, but i would say im not an expert on that season. anyway, ABC family is on season 6 now (the second ep i think, "fight face") and i watched the whole thing today and i forgot how GOOD it was! luke and lorelai are so damn cute! kinda made me sad tho. i miss them :( i love the "hole" part. she can't form complete sentences. oh oh oh and i love when luke is all like gonna take TJ out to a baseball game but hang him on the car ride there. ohhh and before that when he's like "him. him. kill..." i was like YES! I SAW THAT TOO! haha<3 him!! and then they're like, "we need tarp. plywood. staple gun. rope." "you're not garroting TJ." "ok, skip the rope." i have nooooo idea if that how you spell that. i just sounded it out. haha. but the part with rory is so sad. i hate that lorelai and rory had that fight. hate it hate it hate it. makes me mad anytime i see it. :( but the LL stuff made me soooo happy! "come down here so i can kiss you!" awww i love it<3 ok, enough rambling for now. i guess i should....do homework? shower? stay on the computer? we have a winner ;)

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