вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

biafra: dimples are bitter pits.

ah this computer is warming this lap of mine. soon i will have to go-go, but i'm still sitting here drinking seltzer with my robe and fliporz on. "the temperature has dropped," said my knees to the floor in cracking exclamation! i bought a book at bluestockings on sunday. writers under siege. i can not really get into it. today i better bring a pencil if im going to underline.
i can't drink coffee anymore.
last night i had some cauliflower soup and it was really fantastic. today i had a bit of stirfry and other bits a pieces polished by bits brits, who is reviewing his latest selection of music right now. gordy is not here right now! a cabinet fell off the wall and for her safety she is eating dog food in the country. maybe going to npz this weekend. its gonna be cold. we'll see.

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