вторник, 16 октября 2007 г.

emilysama: Faces look ugly when you're alone

Auugh my muscles are killing me thanks to yesterday's gym class. I leaned backwards to stretch my back and my abs were like, yeah that's not really gonna work for us, so now I'm sitting here trying to move as little as possible. I have a midterm in my Southern history class today and I really have no idea how it's gonna go. It's open-note and open-book but it's also an essay exam, and I hate a) writing essays without a computer and b) planning and writing essays in a set amount of time. I dunno, I think I'm too worried over my senior project to stress about anything else. Speaking of my senior project, I told my adviser I'd have some pages for him to look at today buuuut... that didn't really happen. I have like, a paragraph of gibberish. Luckily he's really understanding and I don't have to meet him until 2:00, so I can work on it a little more before then. I'm also meeting Negrelli-sensei today since the applications for JET are up and I want to talk to her about All Things Japan. I think I'll be asking for my references from her and Dr. Cozzens, although I won't officially ask them to do anything until I've got my statement of purpose written so I can give them a copy of that and talk to them about it a little. Over the weekend I went to Uncle Shuck's Corn Maze with AtlantaHP and had a blast--last year we went into the maze in teams trying to find the triwizard cup, but this year we just went in and raced to find all the checkpoints so it was fun to just sort of enjoy the maze for itself. They also had a haunted maze set up, and I was terrified. I held onto Traci and Veronica for dear life and screamed my head off. I have bruises on my arm that I think I must have got in the haunted maze--either from someone grabbing onto me for a change or from when we were being chased by one of the chainsaw guys in an area where they had smoke machines going and we ended up shoved up against the corn because we couldn't see where to go (although, in our defense, there was a green arrow pointing to a dead end and red lights where we should have gone. The chainsaw guy had to break character to point us in the right direction, which was pretty hilarious). Man, I love stuff like that. Halloween is the best. I should probably get back to studying and writing now. I'm looking forward to Fall Break even though I'm not going anywhere because it'll give me a chance to finally catch up with everything. And maybe I'll actually get a good night's sleep for the first time all month!

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