вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.


The past two days have been surprisingly less stressful than the past few weeks. I have 9 official days of school left, roughly 3 of which I will just be observing and not teaching, and things have already started winding down with planning, grading, etc. Next week is shortened because it is CNHS's fall break, so I only have to survive three days and then I'm driving up to Chicago on Thursday to visit Chris! I'm so, so, so pumped about that. We kept going back and forth on whether he would come here or I would go there but I thought it'd be nice to get a change of scenery; not to mention that I can get up there sooner than he'd get here, so we can see each other on Thursday and Friday, even if it's just in the evenings after he gets off work. And since I'd just be sitting around my apartment here reading, watching tv, and messing around on the computer, why not do it there instead? So killing time during the day won't be too bad, and we'll still have the whole rest of the weekend to go into the city and what not. We're going to try to switch things up this time and do some different things - maybe go to a museum or the aquarium, see a movie, have Thai or pizza - instead of our usual shopping trip on Michigan and dinner at the Grand Lux. OOH! I just had a brilliant idea! Chris and I are going to the zoo. It's free, it's within walking distance from his place, and there's penguins. It's settled. :)
Anyway, as you can see, I'm clearly in a fantastic mood, and my only hope is that I can maintain this for the next couple of weeks until student teaching is over. In the meantime, the plan for the week is as follows... I desparately need to do laundry - everything from clothes to towels to bedding, so I have two fat rolls of quarters here at my disposal, and all I need is the motivation to start it. I would have started tonight if my doctor's appointment hadn't run so late, but that was also something that really needed to be done, so I'm glad it's out of the way. Right now, I'm thinking I'd just like to stay home on Friday and rest since I'm working all day Saturday at Old Navy, but if plans materialize I'm open to suggestions. Saturday night I am sure I will want to just chill and catch up on tv, maybe do some work if I have to, and presumably I have Sunday off so that will be my grading/planning day if needed. I'm getting very anxious to start some "fun" reading, but I don't want to get ahead of myself, so I think it'll be another week or so before I do any. But I'd really like to squeeze in a book or even two before NaNo starts, if nothing else to jumpstart my brain with ideas. Right now I'm still pretty clueless about what I want to write, but leaning towards something of the chick-lit variety. We'll see. I'm hoping once my brain isn't otherwise consumed by teaching related stuff, something will come to me. On that note, I should probably get to bed shortly so I can be somewhat rested and ready to go for tomorrow. Only three more days until the weekend! Power through, everyone. :)

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