вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

wizli: Pics of Jorgito!

Well, I seem to be abusing my mom's new digital camera... but I don't care! *insert evil laugh here*. - Here we have Jorgito with one of his girlfriends dressed with a typical chilean costume from the chilean island of Chiloé. He had lost already the typical hat and socks, made with a thick, scratchy whool (in a sunny day)... and the school act hadn't even began. He was so distracted, looking for my sister and me while dancing "El pavo". Hahaha! *snorts*, I just thought he looked like Han Solo, with his white shirt and sleveless jacket... and cocky attitude. - This is an old picture but he looks cuuute!. - Jorgito eating cotton-candy while enjoying our national festivities at the "fondas", during september. And where was his mother, you may ask?. Well, I was in sick bed, suffering a terrible stomach ache with a 38,5°C fever... So unfair, I wanted to go too!. - This one I took it last sunday, eating in our backyard. I hadn't discovered how to use the camera yet, it looks so dark... I have two notebooks and a folder in my computer full of drabbles, ficlets and crazy ideas for fics in several fandoms. What do I do with them?. Maybe I'll start a little fic journal, if nothing else it can be useful to improve my english writing skillz... Ideas for a name?.

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