понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.


I haven't been very blog savvy recently. Biggest news is random foot breakage and sprained ankle from walking off a curb. Kind of uncomfortable to sit at the computer for extended periods of time. Managed to make desk at work somewhat injury-friendly. The one good thing about this injury is that I am managing to get my scrapbook together, something I've not worked on in over a year. The clutter in the bin under my bed of photos, stickers, fancy papers and cutters were finally getting to me, and I realized that it was a good activity that I could do with little movement. I tried to sew a little, but found I had to stand too much to cut fabric and go up and down to iron, etc. My Arwen costume needs to be taken in if I am to wear it this year, and I think I am going to put in a zipper, which I am scared to do because it is very light fabric, as well as never having done a zipper before. Keeping fingers crossed... Eventually I plan to bug you all for pictures, but I've got to get through the ones I've got now. Just so you've got a heads up :)

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