понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

black_samvara: Creativity Support Group Inaugural Meeting

For those of us who had a ball making things out of clay, painting, knitting and talking shop about writing at recent events and anyone else who happens to feel like turning up. The Mission: To support each other in pursuing creative acts that we don’t get organised to do by ourselves. The Plan: Meeting at the House of B&D on Sunday 28th October 10am – 12pm; bring some food and we’ll end with a pot luck lunch. The Program: I shall provide paper, pencils, a still life or three and some simple exercises should anyone wish to practice sketching. There will also be a sewing machine, scraps of fabric, knitting gear and plenty of space for random projects people want to work on (finish those socks?). Laptops and the urge to write are also encouraged. All welcome, enquire within for address.

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