суббота, 6 октября 2007 г.


It's so funking cold people.
And it's 2 in the morning.
sure I have nothing to write about, but is that going to keep me from writing?
You bet your bum it's not, cause I hate alot of thoughts! but not much of an attention span to write them all down so instead I'm going to use this blog to write about how amazing Garbo is. I was on his myspace and thought to myself, "Damn this boy is amazing." so he totally deserves a blog. It's my life goal to meet him, yeah.
okay so now I'm bored with that and I'm moving onto the next subject of the Jonas Concert on the 9th.
I would be going on the 8th, but no, I'm poor.
Fuck it's stupid not having a 9 button, my dog jumped on my computer and took it off with her toe, so now it's this stupid little plastic thing you basically have to pleasure for it to even work. YEAH GAY.
anyways back to the point. I'm totally stoked to see people there. well, if anyone goes cause as far as I know, not many people I know are going. Boo.
I'm going to get a new kitten and I can't decide on whether I should name him Echo or Travis.
Jumping to another subject, tonight was Homecoming, our float lost, and I'm pretty sure we won the game, I don't know, I mean seriously, who pays attention to the game? The whole time Katie and I kept thinking about how we could be in Hayfork watching Hot Nathen and my ONS Corey gettin down and dirty playin their Homecoming game.
This just brought our night down, because Hot Nathan and ONS Corey are pretty sex if you as me.
and Katie depressed me further by saying they might not have anymore home games.
Fuck me with a pole thats gay.
I was looking forward to it.
Oh man and Josiaahhhhh, well i'm sure no one but me calls him that, also plays and I haven't seen him since the forth of July.
Dang, Hayfork is just full of fitties!
Thats where Paul came from and i swear up and down he's the love of my life x)
Oh well, he's like in love, guess I'm fucked, or not, which ever way you look at it HAHAHAHAHHA.
I'm so funny, people should laugh with me. not at me.
anyways, i guess I'm going to have some freaky freaky FUN this next upcoming week.
That is if I don't starve to death, I'm going vegan, and aparently, Weaverville is Vegan proof.
But I'm hardcore PETA babehhh, I schooled people at the FB game.
omfg, i'm of those crazy ladies who scare little kids!
Oh well, it's worth it.

Peace & Love!

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