среда, 3 октября 2007 г.

justmeg08: BMN on Tuesday = BAD IDEA NIGHT!!!

Credit goes to Rand for officially declaring Tuesday BAD IDEA NIGHT. Not the intended Bad Movie Night.

None, I repeat, NONE of the loosers who said they would go if it was on a Tuesday showed up. Extreme loyalty was exhibited by Rand and the Coppola siblings, who were all wonderful company and the saving grace of the evening. So, screw everyone who said change the night. VIVA BMN EN VIERNES DE MUCHOS ANOS! 

... Why do I have a feeling that is going to illicit comments on spanish grammer? 


So, anyway, I'm having a great week. My long and insane work day on Monday concluded at 2:30 with me in pajamas reading Dilbert. So awesome. Then I learned that everyone knows what a dutch is, because everyone has cooked in one. And that there is historical evidence that Jesus was an african american. ::wink at Hatchypoo:: Oh, and then I stayed up all night playing a board game. Good times. 

Yesterday? Even better. Work was crazy, but everytime someone actually asked me to do something I was able to say "done" in seconds or "already done" and point them to the file. That was a good feeling. I also got lucky and my boss was standing at my desk when Word crashed for the millionth time. It's no longer me fighting with IT for an actually NEW computer (instead of the third hand-me-down from the CAD department) -- it's a Vice President. Yay for me! Maybe some day soon I'll have a computer that cooperates ... hey, I can dream big, right? So I went home exhausted after a long, busy, but good day. Lit a whole bunch of candles in the house because it was chilly and I'm refusing to use the heat just yet. (Oil is freaking expensive!) Rand came over. There was chattage. Then Moira came home from Jason's and was confused as to why I had the kitchen sink full of water and soap. ::blink blink:: Yeah, apparently I never wash dishes with her around. So much for that parent-of-the-year award I was never going to win anyway. ;-) Oh, and then I gave her "five more minutes" in the bath tub, which turned to 20 minutes of me yapping on the phone and/or with Rand on the couch. But eventually I did stop neglecting her and put her in bed. (She, of course, wished I had let her wrinkle some more.) She did go to sleep without too much fuss, and then TJ and Lindsey showed up. We talked, we watched The Brother's Grimm, and talked some more. There were cheetos. Good times. :-D 

Anyway. Consider yourselves saved now because I'm done rambling -- I have to get back to working.

Summary: BMN back to Fridays (starting November) and my week has been great.

Hope you are all having a good week, too! ::hugs::

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