пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

abusive_infant: relative

cloth is a mindless object and can not be the seat of pleasure. The cloth is neutral, but you feel good touching it. How does the cloth than bring pleasure? Once before you were told that the cloth was good by someone you liked or respected, or you saw someone touch the cloth and they looked like it gave them pleasure, or you were in a pleasant place and the cloth was there. How and why it became encoded is not as important as realizing that the cloth is neutral and can not bring pleasure. You may say this is not true, that when I touch the cloth I feel differently than I did before, it changed my emotional state. But how? the cloth is not magic, nor is it a chemical that is obsorbed through the skin. Once before you could think or remember or speak you were alive and cared for entirely by another. think of the equal sign in programming and declaring a variable cost = 23
height = 10
dog = brown Whatever you put next to the equal sign becomes recognized as the same thing by the computer. So it sees cost and thinks 23 destruction of the body = pain
pain = bad
bad = avoid her saying nice things = me feeling valuable
me feeling valuable = happy
happy = good
good = sought after now what if your human computer was misprogrammed?
somehow destruction of the body = me feekin valuable or
good = avoid Thou shall not kill does not mean that you will save lives that are going to be lost, it just means that you won't be the cause of their loss.

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