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arik07: why i'm hear

ano the reson y im hear and sorry i cant spell ok the reson im hear is becas my best frend dee in makeing me:(  insted of explaning it all to u i'll just copy in the i m box it will explan evrything. 

Deirdre1215: make a live journal
Deirdre1215: then everyone can read/ make comments/ give advise
Deirdre1215: i like reading live journals that my friends write
EASTCOOST: but if i rite suimthing i never ceap it going cus i dont like riting enything
Deirdre1215: do it lol
Deirdre1215: it might help you improve your writing
Deirdre1215: oh come on!
Deirdre1215: you know you want tooooooo
Deirdre1215: lol
EASTCOOST: no i dont
Deirdre1215: aw
EASTCOOST: i hate riting stuf dusent mater what it is thats y i use the phone mor tham the i m
Deirdre1215: aw
Deirdre1215: i would have read it lol
EASTCOOST: there whudent be enythjing that u dont alredy know
Deirdre1215: maybe
Deirdre1215: just write about what you did everyday and how it made you feel
Deirdre1215: its interesting to read
Deirdre1215: then in 40 years you can remember everything you did lol
EASTCOOST: i'vv triyd that 3 times on sepret ocashons i cudent ceap eny of them going mor than 1 entry
Deirdre1215: try now
Deirdre1215: ill beg you everyday to update
Deirdre1215: come on
Deirdre1215: lol
Deirdre1215: *puppy dog eyes* pweasy with a cherry on top? a tasuki? me?
EASTCOOST: how bout this tonite i rite u an e-mail wirh evrything u'd want to knpw
Deirdre1215: but thats not as fun to read
EASTCOOST: y its the samr thing
Deirdre1215: no its not
Deirdre1215: then other people can comment on yout writing and give you advise
EASTCOOST: y are u trying so hard
Deirdre1215: cause i love reading lj's
Deirdre1215: ha
EASTCOOST: 1 think that i'v cept doing is creating coloshes 1 for each anima that i finesh
Deirdre1215: huh?
EASTCOOST: do u want me to send them to u
Deirdre1215: no
Deirdre1215: aorry
Deirdre1215: lol
Deirdre1215: cause i want to go to bed soon
Deirdre1215: sorry
Deirdre1215: just write a lj to pass time haha
EASTCOOST: what i do to pas the time at nite is wach code lyoko
Deirdre1215: well write about that in your new lj
Deirdre1215: ^^
Deirdre1215: aw come on
Deirdre1215: for me?
Deirdre1215: to pass time?
Deirdre1215: pweasy?
EASTCOOST: the only time i ever have thats free eny mor is at nite and thats my animas time'
Deirdre1215: it wont take you very long
Deirdre1215: come on
Deirdre1215: for mw?
Deirdre1215: *me
EASTCOOST: o yes it whud
EASTCOOST: i am slow
Deirdre1215: youve been IMimg me for less tahn half an hour and have more than any lj entry ive ever seen
EASTCOOST: thats pepol talking bak to me
EASTCOOST: not me talking tyo space
Deirdre1215: just imagine what i would say then
EASTCOOST: i cant do that i cant get in your hed remember
Deirdre1215: but you can picture what YOU would WANT me to say
EASTCOOST: than they only hear 1 side of a conversation
Deirdre1215: write like
Deirdre1215: your telling me a story
Deirdre1215: like your talking to me but im not answerin
Deirdre1215: y?
EASTCOOST:  shes beged and beged
Deirdre1215: cause you hate me T_T
*cries in corner*
EASTCOOST: evry nite its can u teel m a stowe in this cidy voce
Deirdre1215: no just type it up
Deirdre1215: as if we were at lunch and you were telling me about your day
Deirdre1215: and i gtg
EASTCOOST: i even tryed riting 1 ov the most atracting and loved cration ov mine my episodes and i only got 1/4 of episode 1 on this computer
EASTCOOST: no dont go
Deirdre1215: ill stay till 11:15 if you make one
Deirdre1215: lol
Deirdre1215: otherwise im tired, have nothing to do, and am going to go
EASTCOOST: hgow whud me macking u one give u sumthing to do
Deirdre1215: because then i can read it
Deirdre1215: it gives me something to read
Deirdre1215: and do
EASTCOOST: but makceinfg it whud take up to that long and mor
Deirdre1215: so seriosuly im really tired
Deirdre1215: i'm saying ill stay and talk for 15 more minutes, and when i get off you can make it so i have something to do tomorrow
Deirdre1215: so you dont have to write it while im online as long as you do it
Deirdre1215: promise to have it for me tomorrow?
EASTCOOST: how do i do this
EASTCOOST: i promis
Deirdre1215: ok so how was your day?
Deirdre1215: im talking to you know
Deirdre1215: *now
Deirdre1215: so utilize the time
Deirdre1215: how was your day?
EASTCOOST: prity normal to boring nothing hapend
Deirdre1215: lol
Deirdre1215: what did you do all day then?
EASTCOOST: school hw then bord
Deirdre1215: lol
Deirdre1215: NOTHING cool?
EASTCOOST: thar never is thats y i macke them
Deirdre1215: make what?
EASTCOOST: my episodes
Deirdre1215: ?
EASTCOOST: my alternet univers
Deirdre1215: o..
Deirdre1215: what do you do there? write all about those in the lj
Deirdre1215: that would be interesting to read about
EASTCOOST: no sory cant be dun inles some one realy wants to put in () what mina is saying evry time to tell whos saying what
Deirdre1215: no i mean like say im discribing today at lunch i would say "So at lunch today siera and emalea and alice totally drew all over themselves and took pictures"
Deirdre1215: so i dont say what they are saying just talk about what they are doing
Deirdre1215: do you have people from rl in your alrenate worlds?
EASTCOOST: busent work its mostly talking
Deirdre1215: you dont go on adventures or like go places? you just sit and talk to random people? even then you could say "siera and i talked about smoothies" you dont actually have to write out the conversation just tell what its about
EASTCOOST: ther are sum but im in the sortof mid filers stage
Deirdre1215: ?
EASTCOOST: theres alot of importent diolog nothing whud mack sens if i generalized what mina sed
Deirdre1215: see like if i made an alternate 'verse then it would just be our worls manipulated the way i'd want it to go
Deirdre1215: talk about your dreams and feelings then
Deirdre1215: those are always interesting to read about
Deirdre1215: i dont know whatever you dream or daydream about, maybe what you think about before going to sleep
EASTCOOST: nothing
Deirdre1215: its always interesting to read about what people think about
Deirdre1215: you must think!?
EASTCOOST: i cant i have to consentrate
Deirdre1215: nobody doesnt think nathan lol
Deirdre1215: concentrate on what?
EASTCOOST: the tasc at hand hw
EASTCOOST: talking to some one
Deirdre1215: but when your not doing that you never just stop and think? or before bed think?
Deirdre1215: about ANYTHING?
Deirdre1215: like before i go to bed i usually think about my friends and the conversations we had
EASTCOOST: i dont do that cus its boring
Deirdre1215: you told me the other day that you were thinking of me
Deirdre1215: thats thinking
EASTCOOST: and i bant befor i go to slep becas then i cant go to sleep
Deirdre1215: thinking is one of the most amazing things you can do, i never stop dayfreaming and thinking
Deirdre1215: you must have some hopes about where your life is going to happen or magical things that could happen like a girl dreams about being whisked off into the sunset by a prince
Deirdre1215: write about that
Deirdre1215: lol
Deirdre1215: just write about everything
Deirdre1215: if its long enough you dont have to do more than one lmao
Deirdre1215: haha
EASTCOOST: evrything gos into my episodes
Deirdre1215: but thats one of the main ways the i get to know people
Deirdre1215: then write about them!
Deirdre1215: pleaseeeeeee
Deirdre1215: lol
Deirdre1215: i really think that sounds like an interesting read
EASTCOOST: if some one whud tipe whal i talk than ok
Deirdre1215: its facinating and i want to read about it
Deirdre1215: then call shanen or molly tomorrow and have them do it for you
EASTCOOST: lol like they whud
Deirdre1215: are tyler, jacon, tony and i in your AU?
Deirdre1215: if you ask them nicely they might
Deirdre1215: tell them i'd like it lo
Deirdre1215: Alternate universe
EASTCOOST: just me the mew mews and kt
EASTCOOST: rite now its focesing on me ichig minto and kt
Deirdre1215: o...
Deirdre1215: y dont you make world where you play off real life situations the way you want to>
Deirdre1215: then you could have a worls where i would never stop hugging you lmao
EASTCOOST: cus thats to boring i'd rather macke it all frum scrach'
Deirdre1215: but its now 11:15 and i can barely keep my head up so im going to go.... and hugging me is boring now/
Deirdre1215: thats the kind of world i'd make up... lol
EASTCOOST: huging?
Deirdre1215: where i could do anything i wanted with everyone
Deirdre1215: yea?
Deirdre1215: lol make one of those tonight and tell me about it tomorrow
Deirdre1215: oyasumi nasai nathan! how what?
EASTCOOST: u never told me whare to post this thing
Deirdre1215: live journal
EASTCOOST: and how do i ghet into it
Deirdre1215: http://www.livejournal.com/
Deirdre1215: see you
Deirdre1215: jaa ne
Deirdre1215 signed off at 11:20:32 PM. 

so that prity much sums it up and yes deu to my awsum nes i cud creat a small alternet demenchon (yup its alwas the qwiet ones that are the gratest of them all) well so there cinda well i cal them episodes but its just what hapens evry time i go there wich in that world all my powers work only sum of them woke hear wich are primarily my mew powers yes laf it up but i have used my palm gatherd a larg amownt of energy in it and relesed it al at a bord of wood in a jab that when rite thru the thing (AWSUMNESS) it was thik to no sum flimsy sciny bord u cud use it for a door. well not eny mor u cant lol  i have long brown hare down maby an inch past my sholders wich i sumtimes put in a ponytale wich all the giys think its gay andf the gerls think its awsum so im ceping it. hmmmmmm i wander if this is long enuf so that dee will spend mor than 3 min. and be dun with it she reed so fast holy crap idk how she dus it its insane and with a lital determanation andf practis dee cud do what i can do just on a (me)2:1(her) scale o hint to all thos how know me (know one ever knows me cus im to weard :( ) if u get me mad enuf my cat cums out and whups your but i'v seen it hapen sins then jonathen fears me but he never lerns ever he ceaps buging the crap out of me i'v just resorted to enerjy shocs thrue his stumic (thats the reson y he only jumps when i do it) becas going cat realy cawses a sean (when i did go cat we wer alone thank the lord) its like naruto lol not so crazy thow cus i cud stop if i wanted to. well im gona go now tierd and all that u probubly wont hera frum me agen inles dee forses me to agen.

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