суббота, 6 октября 2007 г.


i just got home, now I'm on y laptop, one hor soberer... i didnt meet  one single perosn tonigt, but i dance with miss maria for a while, she made the most delicious chicken I've ever had,a s the last thing id id before i left orlando, i had some of her chicken at Mr. Zelna's feat and it was ood. so hear i am.. i'm told I'm I-banned lmfaorofl, though i cant toally rememebr the situation,, I know i was pole dancing... apparently very well as it were.... poor john could not get re0entry it seems as he was the one who escorted me out, preventing th bouncers from having to do so... i think i vaguely rememebr being really depress prior to this whole delightfully hilarious situation..... i dont know wha tit is to be depressed righ tnow.. ask me agian when i wake uo i was so happy i ever called Danielle, i even called Izzy... Izzy told me to call her back when i was sober! lmao!! i left abother 10 peope messages.... i need to leave myself a message hen i start drnk dialining.. please somebody telll me how horrible i am when i drunk diall.. i have no idea.. ive never waneted to talk to yse lf in such a way,,, oh man wha ta night,.. i'm going to drink tw ogalons f ater immeiatelt folllowing this meessage and hi the pillow.. i spent otnight compeltel yin my own reality and it was grea.t.... so... apppropirate tha ti got kicked out of a place (my first time being banned) its very like-me of me... maybe I'm just an sshole... who knows.. this probably would have happened sooner had i not met such s=wonderful girilsfriends... who are not hundreds if not thousands of miles away... i miss you guys,.. if you even think its possible that im talking abotu you.. i am.. i love you all now matter where you are... drinking and dancing in such a palce brings me closer to god... fuck everyone else and their constant .. compli---nevermind.. waht the hell am i talking about... goodnight friends.. may you appreciate what i am this day..i have no idea what ill be tommorow.... i havent a clue what she means when she says she is overhwhelmed by my potential... what if i'm just as crazy/drunk/kicked out in ten years? will i be just as okay as now? i do have ambition, dont get me wrong.. i just dont know who to share it with... i have two black X's on my hands... what a silly attempt..... where am I?

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