суббота, 6 октября 2007 г.

marinarey: Yikes! Where have I been?

I'm still alive and am recovering from a couple weeks of manic running around like crazy and avoiding all the stuff I really need to do. Whew, what a time! I kinda mentally checked out for awhile but as my great grandmother, Ganny, used to say, "I'll be allll right!" Some of the things I did included working in Justin's classroom running reading groups, and I volunteered for a PTA position: eScrip coordinator. Boy did I have to do a lot of work to get that going, and I'm still not done. You have to hit it hard during the fall. It's a program where you sign up your grocery store cards and a percentage of your grocery bill goes back to the school. I also have Scrip gift cards but will push those closer to the holidaze. I've even sold some to the Teachers' Wish List coordinator already! Meanwhile, the Innisbrook catalog fundraiser got my attention. I started the weekend before it was due, but ended up selling 70 items via email and taking the catalog to Trinity, Oaks and choir, among other places. I got permission to turn in the order late especially since I offered to help them process order forms last Wednesday. So between those two fundraisers and all the classroom fun and craziness, life's been interesting. I was able to get eScrip forms out to all the teachers and students this week :) Mr. E had them in the homework folders on Tuesday - the very day they were hot off the presses. He's so cool! I also ran an eScrip table at the Back to School Picnic/book fair/cake auction. I had to "learn as I go" as far as setting up the table. I inherited the ugliest table out there because all the rest were taken... Nancy the librarian helped... she's so nice. I set up my table right in front of the computer lab and put out my sign, flyers and eScrip banner... Nothing fancy I can assure you. I might spruce it up with a cheap table cloth next time. There were no long lines at the table, I can assure you. But a stream of people came by and I was able to get a few sign-ups and pass out some flyers. Awareness is important. My honored visitors included Mr. E and Judy, the principal. Judy spent quite a bit of time at the table hanging out and talking to me about Justin's adventures in the school office. That day he had invited her on a playdate in the sandbox! Justin was really good about recruiting people to come visit the eScrip table. He's definitely not shy! I had hoped that the book faire would generate more interest in my table as I was parked right outside the library, but most people just kind of sat on the lawn and had their picnics. It was great that Sophia's parents (Paul and Michelle) were sitting right in front of us. I really enjoy talking to them and would get together with them but they both work all the time. The cake auction was unique :) Mr. E was the MC/auctioneer because the normal teacher who does it was unavailable. His attire was most amusing: casual collared shirt, black long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, long khaki shorts, white socks, and tennis shoes... at night. Definitely a Southern CA boy! He wasn't the fastest of auctioneers, but I found his cake descriptions and commentary fun to listen to. Ugh, it's 1:00am. Shame on me for being up so late when I have been running so much, going in to Justin's school practically every day, and generally staying IN trouble every chance I get ;) It seems I keep saying things that are better left on my "Oops, I shouldn't have said that!" list which I've developed recently. Today was a good example... voicing a communication concern with Justin's teacher about another mother... I'd better learn to shut up while (if) I still have time! I write so much about the school because it has been a fun outlet for me and a way to network, contribute to something (OK, I miss MOPS!), and there is no lack of things to do around there... I've also found people that make me feel good about myself. But I need to get to my own stuff too and get more rest. A pleasant by-product of all this running around is that I seem to have lost about 10-12 pounds in the last month or so. Now it seems I'm getting hungry again! I don't want to gain the weight back because I now fit the teel capris I haven't worn for two years! But I know some of my weight loss has been due to stress so that's not good either. OK, time to go to bed! More later.  

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