суббота, 6 октября 2007 г.


 Just got back from stunting (we had a weekend session for the oldies) but only 3 people turned up which meant that not only did I get to fly, I got to do partner stunt stuff! Completely terrifying but so much fun. In one very weird move I basically dive head first to the floor but thankfully my very strong base yanks me up enough that I don't actually hit it. First time I went down I had my hands over my eyes the whole time and when I came back up our coach and the other girl were standing there laughing their heads off and my poor base who hadn't been able to see what was going on was so confused. Ah, good times. We also did flinging me around which was fun. As in I start off in a cradle position and then my base throws me around his back. Yeah I'm explaining this badly, but it was fun anyway! Ugh, still no computer, I have stolen my housemate's for now since he's away for the weekend. It's weird though 'cause it means I have to go upstairs in the house and I never do. My room is downstairs and that floor has a bathroom, the kitchen and the lounge so I have no need to go up the stairs. It's like discovering another world! And a messy one at that.  Anyway, the landlord is coming in about an hour to have a look at a bunch of stuff and hopefully give us some more locks or bolts or just something to make this house feel safer! And I'm just rambling anyway, I should really go do something more prodcutive ... like facebook!

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