суббота, 6 октября 2007 г.

fredandcharlie: IM with my Dad

9:07 PM me: hi is mom or dad online?
9:08 PM do you know how to use this chat area? hello? anyone there? are you watching tv? playing on the computer?
9:09 PM Vern: no me: which question did that answer?
9:10 PM what i really need is your address Vern: do you know how to
9:11 PM me: how to?
9:12 PM how to type? yes, I know how to type
9:13 PM actually i do a bit of touch typing anyway, what is your address?
9:15 PM hello?
9:16 PM anyone there?
9:17 PM Vern: use the phone
9:18 PM me: hahaha! clever.

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