понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

eveninglily: papers, libraries, my inner genius

This is a random little rant from a uni student, tired and frustrated with papers, wanting nothing more than to be done with it so the rather annoying process of procrastination and subsequent guilt can be over.

Why. The. Hell. Is. All. The. Information. I. Want. On. Wikipedia. And. I. Can't. Quote. It.

I kid you not--I want to do some lovely number comparisons of distances and shit for this REM paper, and I can't find even a whisper of what I want on other websites--but on Wikipedia? They're like half a click away from each other. Please, someone kick the academic system in the knees. Sometimes it can be so bloody pretentious that its need for "higher thinking" gets in the way of plain, simple, truth. Or in the way of me making a minor point, but whatever... same dif.


Oh... and fun story! Last night, while writing my paper, the power went out for a good solid two hours. However, when the power came back on, we had no internet... which left me with no way to work on my essay until about noon today, when I could finally email myself the files and take my sorry ass to the library. Of course, I got here at 9:30 this morning intending to get to work right away, until the genius (somewhere) inside me realized that I didn't have my draft and notes files. Yup. I'm a bright one. Fortunately, Sandie's a dear and I have until tomorrow morning at 9 am... but goddammit, this paper is getting in tonight. Bloody hell.

Okay. Going to get over the non-Wiki rule, and get on with this baby. Valley flooding and salmon killing should be a good enough example to get my point across.

These computers are not as comfortable as the SFU ones. Just for the record.

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