понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

johnnyman_peach: One Second

This was pretty much thansgiving for me, since tomorrow will be a combination of boring and surreal with no real impact from family. So Larry was here and my grandmother and norm were here eventually, and we were hanging around and I was doing the socratic dialogue and we eventually got to dinner. By the way, it took an incredible amount of effort to get up this morning, it was frightening. Dinner (as in the food) was actually pretty good, but my uncle is far too loud for dinner conversations, and either my family members' minds are slipping or I've become far more intelligent recently, because I can't have table discussions with them anymore. Regardless, I just got a small buzz on two glasses of wine and ended up on the computer, starting to set up the large civ game. It took forever to happen, with some major and some minor annoyances taking place. It seems like nobody really had a good time which is really dissapointing to me, even though I thought it was alright while it lasted. After it dissolved Daniel, Alex, cf and I started a game that was forced to end after about 10 minutes. I watched tv until 1, then went to shower, do other stuff, etc. It's half in preparation for tomorrow, half out of routine. Afterwards I watched more tv and will go to sleep once I'm done with this. I'm not sure what will actually happen tomorrow, but I know that it's been set up so that, either way, it'll be heart-wrenching to say the least. For some reason this seems like a big time of year, even though it shouldn't.

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