суббота, 6 октября 2007 г.


Hooge fucking Amp = Fox up all night. Yeah, I'm still awake at nearly 4am. And I told cat to wake me up around 9am. Oh well. I'll just be cranky tomorrow morning and tired tomorrow afternoon and evening. Got a book I need to read so I can write a paper on it that's due Wednesday. The book is kinda boring, it's hard to focus on it. S'why I'll prob'ly go to the school's library tomorrow and Sunday evenings to read it and work on my paper. It's actually a lot easier for me to focus in there, when it's quiet that is. Went there last night (Thursday night) to read for a class. It was annoying at first 'cause there were people talking (wanted to tell them to shut up or leave, but I'm not that confrontational, even in the mood I was in. >.>) The people also had a baby with them that kept crying. Seriously, if you're gonna be talking and have a noisy baby, you shouldn't be in the library. Myeh. But after they left, it was pretty peaceful in there. Not much sound aside from the buzzing of the lights and the occasional quiet footsteps from people going by. If I got distracted, I just focused my attention on the sound of the lights to, well, "clear my mind." Worked pretty well. Hopefully I can read the book easily there tomorrow. It's only a 120 or so page book and I'm already 1/4 of the way through it, so I doubt it'll take long to read. Anyways, bought a new chair for my desk today. Makes me happy 'cause I needed a chair and now I can rest my back on something while I'm sitting. Made it hard to sit at my computer for a while since I was sitting on an end-table we have here since I had no chair. Uncomfortable for my back, so I got fed up with it and spent $90 on a cheap-but-nice office chair. Anyone ever get confused when I omit words from the beginning of my sentences? Words like "it" or "I" especially. Or when I combine words to make contractions that aren't really words. S'fun and easier to type, and I'm sure people understand, but it's probably weird. I dunno.

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