пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

hcolleen: Wow...busy

So...I actually missed two days in a row...wow. Anyways...busy yesterday. Typing up what I'd hand written and adding to it (tons of typos when I read over it...ugh!), taking apart my computer, shower, packing clothes, lugging box and assorted paraphernalia to car. My computer is now officially at new place...which means I'm officially there. Home is where the internetz are, after all *grins* (or at least my machine to access internetz...lappy is good for substitute, but it is not my machine. Also have Obsession finished...though it was rushed and needs to be edited liek whoa before being posted, but I has a deadline to meet with the story I started typing up yesterday and none with Obsession, so I can go back and fix it later. Enviga...it's a green tea energy drink...tastes like nutrasweet...aspartame...not bad, but not wonderful, either. Had a good week at work. Set a goal for myself for the week this morning when I saw how close I was to something (close being like 600...). I ended up 43 short...*sigh* Oh, wells. Second to last call, though...ugh! I told the lady at least 2 times that canceling her hosting would mean she'd need to reupload things...but she insisted it was what she wanted to do, so I walked her through it and set up the free account for her. When I told her again she'd need to reupload, she started yelling at me that that wouldn't be possible and such. She didn't have access to the files and all that. *sigh* Ch'know...when you call someone for help, it usually is helpful to listen to them! Anyways...I have a deadline to meet.

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